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Laptop Bags

Are you looking for a laptop bag, laptop sleeve or a laptop trolley?

Are you looking for a laptop bag? At Maes & Hills Collection we have a large collection of bags for the business segment. There is a choice in different colors, models and brands. When investing in a good bag, it is nice to know more about the brand behind the bag. The history and origin of all those different brands is often fascinating and special. Nice to dive deeper into it through our brands page!


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Womens laptop bag and men laptop bag

A business bag says as much about someone as an outfit. Whether it's about a classic leather briefcase, a modern laptop backpack or a laptop bag: nowadays almost all business bags have a practical interior and a timeless look. They are not only convenient for a normal working day, but also offer enough space to take along on a business trip. Moreover, a laptop bag is completely unisex, so the business bag fits both men and women.

Timeless laptop bags of high quality

At www.maeshillscollection.com you will find a large assortment with many timeless and high quality laptop bags. A business outfit is not only a beautiful suit, but also the necessary accessories, such as a matching leather laptop bag. The ideal briefcase for men or ladies business bag depends on the dress code of your work, because every company has different requirements. A beautiful Burkely bag or laptop bag by Marta Ponti completes the outfit and leaves a good impression. Leather laptop bags symbolize a refined style, but there are also bags with a less formal design. Anyway, a nice laptop bag exudes class and professionalism.

A stylish leather laptop bag

Besides the look of a business bag, it is also nice if the bag is practical. Functional characteristics also play an important role. For example, a business bag must not only be well-organized, but also durable and lightweight. For many people, for example, taking their laptop, tablet or phone has become a habit. In addition, there is also a look that documents and other personal accessories must fit in the bag. A laptop bag ladies can therefore become very cluttered or heavy. A business bag must therefore be comfortable to carry and important items must be easily accessible. Especially for people who use such a bag often, it is also important that the laptop or tablet can be stored safely. For this reason, laptop bags usually have a separate pocket for the laptop. This box is padded / padded and offers enough protection for the device. These pockets come in different variants and are specially made for different inches, so that the laptop or tablet fits perfectly in the bag. Do you have a 17 inch laptop, for example? Then a laptop bag fits 17 inches. Or does your laptop have a size of 15 6 inches? Then a laptop bag of 15 6 inches is the ideal size for you.

Wear a comfortable laptop bag

A leather laptop bag men and ladies can usually be worn in different ways. So you can carry the bag on the handles, but also over the shoulder by means of a handle. This handle is often adjustable so you can adjust the length to your wishes and body size.

Wear a laptop bag for a stylish look

By wearing a refined laptop bag ladies of high quality leather, a stylish look is guaranteed. Are you looking for a bag for a job interview or another important appointment, for a professional look? With a laptop bag from Maes & Hills you will undoubtedly leave a positive impression. On our website you will find a wide range of all kinds of business bags with both a classic design and a modern look. For example, we offer laptop bags from The Bridge, Cowboysbag, Burkely, Marta Ponti, Socha, Eastpak and Piquadro brands.

Laptop bag in different materials

A laptop bag is an essential accessory in business but also in free time, when you also need your laptop. Laptop bags are available in many different designs. For example, there are briefcases for the office, but also laptop bags that can be easily combined with casual outfits. Laptop bags with a sporty look are often made of nylon or canvas - a light fabric with a tough look. The more formal laptop bags are made of high quality leather in classic colors for a professional look. The laptop compartment has a special lining and is padded, which protects the device against possible damage.

The ideal protection for your laptop

Buying a laptop bag can be seen as a one-off, inexpensive investment. This way you benefit from the bag for a long time and the bag stays beautiful for a long time, given the high quality. Ladies laptop bags protect your laptop and make it easy to transport important items to your work because of the practical interior. Laptops have changed a lot in business: wherever you are, on the street, in the airplane or at home on the couch, with a laptop you can continue your work anywhere. But laptops are fragile devices that have to be transported with great care. For example, laptops can not simply be worn in a normal handbag because it does not offer enough protection. When you carry a laptop in a special laptop bag and it falls accidentally on the floor, the device is still protected because of the padded lining of the special laptop compartment. However, it is important that the laptop fits well in the profession. So choose a laptop bag with a laptop compartment size that is the same as the laptop's format.

A laptop backpack provides more comfort

Do you think that your laptop bag does not have the right format or an impractical layout? In that case, a leather laptop backpack is a perfect alternative. The laptop backpack is made of high quality leather and lasts a long time. A laptop backpack has the same functions as a normal laptop bag or briefcase, but is worn in a different, very comfortable way and offers more storage space. The backpacks also have one or more shoulder straps, which can be adjusted in length. These are provided with an anti-slip layer, which improves the wearing comfort considerably. The laptop backpacks are comfortable enough to carry even the heaviest and largest laptops. M & H different laptop backpacks from premium brands, including Eastpak backpacks and Cowboysbag backpacks, so you have plenty of choice and can buy a laptop backpack that fits you perfectly.

Functional backpacks

Laptop backpacks made of high-quality leather can be found at Maes & Hills. The website has a large assortment of laptop bags, so you have enough choice to choose your perfect laptop backpack. The backpacks are practical and very comfortable to wear. In addition to a padded laptop compartment, the backpack offers plenty of options for storing and transporting other items. Looking for a suitable bag for carrying your laptop? On our website laptop bags and laptop backpacks are available from various high-quality brands, which can be used both business and casual. Some popular models are the Cowboysbag Washington, Piquadro Blue Square and various The Bridge bags. In order to transport your laptop as safely as possible, the size of the laptop bag must be the same as the size of the laptop. When buying the laptop bag, pay attention to the size of the laptop compartment. Experience the versatility of a laptop bag or laptop backpack and order your laptop bag now at www.maeshillscollection.com!

From college to office: a laptop bag for everyone

Whether you are looking for a laptop bag for work or to use at school: Maes & Hills Collection has something for everyone. View the large assortment on our website and find your ideal laptop bag or briefcase. For example, we sell laptop bags from The Bridge, Cowboysbag, Burkely, Marta Ponti, Socha, Eastpak and Piquadro. For example, do you have a question about a Burkely laptop bag or do you need help? Then you can always contact us by sending us an email. We are happy to help you make your choice.