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Wheeled holdalls

Wheeled Holdall

A wheeled holdall is perfect for a short trip or a week's vacation. Thanks to the wheels and the pull handle, these types of travel bags can be conveniently transported. They are pliable, so they can be conveniently stored in a trunk or hand luggage compartment. A travel holdall with wheels is perfect if you do not want to lift those heavy kilos yourself. You pull the travel bag easily behind you, just like a suitcase, and slide the bar when you want to store the wheeled holdall in the trunk or a luggage compartment. Do you have a lot of luggage? Then most modelsare expandable. Which wheeled holdall do you choose?


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Eastpak wheeled holdall

A wheeled holdall bag is a good alternative if you do not want to carry your luggage. There are wheeled holdalls from small to large, so you can exactly choose the travel bag with wheels that meets your needs. The advantage of such a flexible travel bag is that it can easily be wrapped in the cargo area of an aircraft or in the trunk of your car due to its flexibility. Another advantage is that many wheeled holdalls can be completely unzipped, so you can store the bag just as easily and organized as a suitcase. At home you can easily store the travel bag, because a wheeled holdall bag folds down to take up little space, less space than a suitcase.

Do you choose the Eastpak Warehouse travel bag or Erico Benetti Orlando?

It is often thought that a travel holdall with wheels has an everyday appearance. In many cases that is true, but nowadays there are also plenty travel bags with a formal, business look. In fact, there are also wheeled holdall bags that are specially made to transport a laptop. These are perfect to carry as hand luggage during a business trip. A travel bag can be used as a weekend bag, but also as a trolley. For example, the top brand Eastpak has both types in its assortment, in many colors and unique prints. An example of a very popular Eastpak wheeled duffle bag is the  Eastpak Warehouse black.

Lightweight holdall with wheels

Traveling can be very exhausting, but with a travel holdall with wheels it will be more convenient. With the (extendable) pull rod you easily pull the travel bag behind you. Does the travel bag has 4 wheels? Then you can easily pull the bag next to you. If there are solutions to make your trip more convenient, then it is definitely worth using it. Travel bags with wheels are highly recommended.

Ladies wheeled holdall and mans wheeled holdall

The bags are available in all kinds of designs, shapes and sizes. This makes it possible to choose a travel bag with wheels that fits you perfectly. You are therefore stylish and the transportation of your luggage is a lot easier. And that's what it's all about; the ease of use you can travel and the pleasure that brings. A popular travel holdall with wheels is the Enrico Benetti Orlando. 

Wheeled holdall luggage

A wheeled holdall is the perfect bag when you travel by car or another vehicle. Because of the soft fabric, the bag can be packed well in the trunk or luggage compartment. And of course, you can easily take the wheeled holdall with you when you arrive at your destination! There are also wheeled holdall bags that you easily pull next to you, instead of behind you. There are also travel bags that you can carry by sturdy handles and a shoulder strap, and even as a backpack. It depends on what you like the most. To make it easier to choose, you can indicate some preferences on our website, such as brand, size, material or color. At www.maeshillscollection.com you can very easily buy travel holdall with wheels online.

Large wheeled holdall and small wheeled holdall

Are you going on holiday with your own car and do you not like to carry your heavy luggage? Then an extra large holdall with wheels might be a bag for you. If you travel by car, you probably need all the space in your trunk. A travel bag made of soft and flexible material is just perfect. Another advantage of a travel bag with wheels is that you do not have to lift the heavy bag yourself, but just like a suitcase, you can easily pull it behind you. In addition, you will also see that you can store a lot of travel luggage in a wheeled holdall. Most travel bags with wheels are therefore expandable. This means that you can make the bag bigger. Wheeled holdalls always offer multiple storage compartments and are often also equipped with extra stitch or zipper compartments.

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