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Belluga is a Belgian brand that has been specialized for years in designing and producing Belluga handbags and other stylish leather goods. The brand guarantees class and craftsmanship and this is certainly reflected in the many exclusive bags from Belluga. Each leather bag from Belluga and accessory, including the leather wallet from Belluga, is luxurious and elegant.


Bridas is a charming Spanish brand and has been making bags in mostly warm Mediterranean colors for more than 35 years. The Spanish leather bags online from Bridas are fully designed and produced in our own workshop. Because of this there are countless possibilities to create a personal design, which gives every bag a unique look.


The BURKELY brand comes from the Netherlands and is focused on making stylish, practical BURKELY bags that are timeless. The brand believes that in today's world, where everything is chaotic and dynamic, it is important to make a, perhaps, leather laptop bag that makes everyday life a little easier. Are you curious about the great bags from this popular Dutch brand? Take a quick look between our range and order your leather bag.



Leather, quality and functionality: the three trademarks of Cowboysbag. The bags of this brand are not only made of sturdy leather, but are also made with the aim of storing your things in an easy way. All products, including a Cowboysbag shoulder bag and Cowboysbag the bag, are made from vegetable-tanned leather with a unique feature.



Today, the Eastpak backpack is still a household name. An Eastpak bag, including the Eastpak Provider, stands for style and functionality. Are you looking for Eastpak luggage or a Eastpak bum bag with a trendy design that is also very strong? With us you will always find the latest collections from Eastpak online.


Gianni Chiarini

Gianni Chiarini Italian bags stand for simplicity, timeless and fashionable. The beautiful and high-quality materials used with the Gianni Chiarini bags ensure an elegant and stylish look. The combination of timeless and beautiful materials makes Gianni Chiarini bags a perfect investment!



The Kipling brand is synonymous with passion, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. The designers initially focused on women with trendy Kipling bags, but now make affordable, functional and hip bags and backpacks for everyone, young and old. Are you looking for a Kipling purse or sturdy suitcase for the business traveler, Kipling handbags or perhaps a practical Kipling backpack? Kipling has it all..

What once started as a dream of German land has now grown into a globally known brand. Liebeskind, German for 'love child', comes from the heart of Berlin. Liebeskind is known for its beautiful bags of beautiful quality. The designer team in Berlin never stands still and is always busy bringing innovative collections with Liebeskind bags to the fashion market. A Liebeskind tote or Liebeskind handbags, toiletry bags or make-up bags; you'll find it all at Liebeskind Berlin.
Maes & Hills

Maes & Hills has its own trendy fast fashion collection of Italian leather bags, made by the smaller local workshops in the area of Florence. We react to the newest trends, allowing us to present exclusive stylish leather bags every season. Women's bags with passion that are guaranteed to make your heart beat faster.

Marta Ponti

For over 50 years, this renowned and originally Portuguese brand has been making beautiful bags of vegetable tanned Italian leather. The bags of Marta Ponti are finished by hand. The leather and all the materials are carefully picked in order to guarantee the high quality norms of the brand.

Patrizia Pepe

Patrizia Pepe was founded in 1993 in Florence by Patrizia Bambi together with her husband Claudio Orrea. The name "Pepe" represents the identity of the brand, unconventional and dynamic. A brand that combines the practical aspects of everyday life with glamor, thanks to a combination of elegance, minimalist lines and meticulous attention to detail. Recognizable by the original Fly logo on all bags, Patrizia Pepe embodies the ideal woman: urban, cosmopolitan, creative, fan of a style that is simultaneously practical for during the day, glamor in the evening and sexy at night. And this is how the Patrizia Pepe concept for today’s woman has taken shape: dynamic, sensual, elegant yet still rock. Rock because of the ability to provoke emotions, the shaking of style conventions.


Picard bags have been a household name for more than 90 years and not just in Germany. Picard bags, backpacks and wallets are valued worldwide for its quality and stylish and unobtrusive appearance. Picard presents her new designs four times a year. The creations are a mix of classic shapes and fashionable trends. The most famous collections are the high-quality wallets and briefcases.


Piquadro is a Italian brand specialized in designing and manufacturing innovative business bags and accessories. The business bags and accessories by Piquadro distinguish themselves through a high degree of functionality and their powerful, recognizable design. This design radiates Italian elegance and originality.


Socha Business Bags is a renowned bag brand, founded back in 1994 in Germany. Over the years, the brand has become very famous. This is in part thanks to the especially fashionable designs of the Socha Business Bags and the high functionality of the design bags.

The Bridge

The Bridge is an Italian brand which has been specialized for years in designing and manufacturing elegant handbags, briefcases, travel bags and wallets. The products by The Bridge all have a typical Italian design and are also made of the best materials, as you may expect from authentic Italian leather articles. The shining finish of the leather accessories by The Bridge is very impressive and combines beautifully with the classic shapes of the leather articles by this brand.