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Privacy and Cookie policy

Maes & Hills Collection keeps your private details private and will do anything to warrant the reliability, security and integrity of the collected data. Your details will be securely stored in a non-publicly accessible database and will never be made available to third parties.

To offer you a good service we need some of your details. These details will only be used for services you specifically requested, i.e. when you place an order with us and when you want to pay. When you place an order at Maes & Hills Collection, we may ask you for the following details

  • Last name
  • First name 
  • Address 
  • Postcode 
  • City 
  • Country 
  • Date of birth 
  • E-mail address 
  • Phone number

We will use these details to properly process your order and to deliver the package to you as soon as possible. We will therefore make your name and address available to our transporter. The transporter employed by us is obligated to respect the confidentiality of your details. We’ll use your E-mail address and phone number to keep you informed about your order. And if you fill out your date of birth you’ll receive a redeemable voucher two weeks prior to your birthday!

Our website is secured via an SSL-certificate. From the moment that you enter our order environment our website will automatically switch to secure pages. You are also linked through to secure payment pages and you’ll never have to fill out sensitive payment information.

We use so-called (session) cookies to have our web shop function properly. Net als alle webshops houden wij bij, which pages are visited and how intensively parts of Maes & Hills Collection are used. This way we can adjust our website to you wishes even better. Next to that, we use Criteo cookies to offer personalised ads. This means that you see ads which are most relevant to your, based on the products you’ve shown any interest in. You can sign out from these cookies by clicking on the icon on the right hand side of an ad. If you don’t accept Criteo cookies anymore, you’ll continue to see ads that are less relevant for your interests.

Please contact us should you have any questions about our privacy policy or if you want us to consult, change or remove your details.