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Backpack for holidays, for school or work

Maes & Hills offers new backpacks every season to get stylish for the day. Beautiful leather backpacks with a trendy Italian design from Piquadro, the more classic Italian brand The Bridge, but also hip backpacks from Eastpak. Backpacks are ideal for holidays, for school or work, and come in all shapes and sizes. When you need the backpack for work, a bag of 10 to 20 liters is probably enough. For school bags you have to think about 20 to 30 liters to take all your school books with you. For holidays, it depends of course on the destination and the duration of your trip. Many backpacks also have a handy sleeve to store your laptop safely. Furthermore, it is a bit of a personal choice. The backpack can no longer be ignored from the streets. And rightly so, because they are very practical and ideal because the weight is divided over two shoulders and provides less physical complaints. At Maes & Hills we attach great importance to quality and service. That is why we only offer top brands and guarantee a lot of pleasure and comfort. We are official dealers of all brands, you can also contact us for warranty.


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Piquadro, the brand that puts a lot of emphasis on innovation

Piquadro is a very innovative brand that has many patents on the innovative details of the bags. What also immediately stands out from this label is the special design, often recognizable by the finish with a blue border. The designers of Piquadro often collaborate with Italian and foreign design schools. The best leather is also selected for a leather laptop backpack. The leather of our Piquadro bags is naturally tanned and colored with vegetable paint. Because of the hand-painted details, every leather laptop backpack ladies and laptop backpack men get a unique character.

The Bridge: The Tuscan brand with a touch of English style

The Bridge is also a renowned brand from Italy, with a touch of English style. This environmentally friendly bag and leather goods label was created by the collaboration of five friends and is located in the leather capital of the world, Florence. This label does not have its bags made abroad, but in Italy itself. The Bridge uses vegetable tanned cowhide leather for a leather laptop backpack that is brightly polished. The skilled artisans make the modest and at the same time chic bags partly by hand. A bag of this brand is always in fashion and is also popular with hipsters who like to choose a product with high durability.

The history of the Eastpak backpack

Eastpak has a rich experience in making the best bags. It all starts in 1952, when Eastern Canvas Products designs and manufactures decent equipment for the American army. Around 1970 the American school youth in secondary schools discovered the army bag. The sturdy bag is ideal for carrying heavy school books and you can be seen with it! Six years later, the company brings a unique backpack to the market especially for the students. With that, Eastpak was born and never abandoned the mission to make the best backpacks. Eastpak has always been a forerunner in trends and innovation. Already in 1985 they were fashion defining by being one of the first to print canvas backpacks in bright colors. In 1999 it was the Eastpak who introduced the travel bag with wheels. And also in the creative field, Eastpak proves surprisingly. In 2011, the 'Eastpak Artist Studio' was opened, where the world's most creative artists went to work to make the Padded Pak'r ™ collection a unique work of art. The proceeds will be donated to the Designers Against AIDS fund. Even today, the famous bagmaker still manages to inspire everyone with innovative ideas.

Eastpak backpack, excellent quality and perfect wearing comfort

The rich experience of Eastpak is reflected in the design and the high quality of the backpacks. If you opt for a backpack from Eastpak, you own a bag that lasts for years and you can take it anywhere. The makers are so convinced of the long life of their Eastpak backpacks, that they dare to give a 30 year warranty! Only the best materials are used for an Eastpak backpack. When designing the backpacks, much attention is paid to a convenient and logical layout on the inside of the backpack.

Leather backpack with style and class

Eastpak backpacks made of leather are never out of fashion. The iconic leather backpack is always worn with pleasure. A leather backpack from Eastpak will only get extra character with years. And do you have the idea that your bag can use some maintenance? With a good leather maintenance tool you can always keep your bag well maintained. Whatever you are going to do, the Eastpak leather backpacks will fit almost any outfit and will suit any occasion. You exude style and class with your Eastpak backpack, wherever you go.

With your Eastpak backpack to school

The Eastpak backpack has been a household name in the US for almost 40 years. Millions of backpacks were taken to school in the morning and carried back home in the afternoon. With the Eastpak backpack you do not have to worry if the bag does not collapse under your heavy books. The sturdy school bag protects your school books by wind and weather, every school day. That is important for your books, but of course for you too. You will notice that an Eastpak backpack is much more comfortable around your shoulders, even if it is heavily loaded. Whichever you choose, once worn you do not want anything else!

An Eastpak laptop backpack for work or study

The big choice in Eastpak laptop backpacks should not be left unmentioned. Here, you recognize the craftsmanship of Eastpak. It has been thought of everywhere. Are you looking for backpacks specifically for 13-inch or 15-inch laptops? It is all available. Or do you prefer such a beautiful leather Eastpak laptop backpack? From sporty to elegant; You can find it all in the range of our Eastpak laptop backpacks.

Made with passion and craftsmanship

Wherever you go and whatever your purpose, Eastpak backpacks are handy and comfortable to wear. The layout of the bags has been carefully thought out without sacrificing comfort. The passion and craftsmanship of the makers can be seen in all Eastpak backpacks. With an eye for beauty, visible to the smallest detail. The finishing of the Eastpak backpacks is always perfectly fine. If you have used your Eastpak backpack for a while, you will automatically recognize that craftsmanship. You notice that the creators know exactly what you expect as a proud carrier of a backpack from Eastpak. Quality and beauty down to the smallest detail.

Buy your backpack from Eastpak at Maes & Hills

At Maes & Hills we have included the Eastpak backpacks with conviction in our assortment. Only the best is good enough for us. Eastpak fits in seamlessly with this. Therefore view the offer online in our webshop. Your purchase will be sent the same day if you order before 17:00 and already from € 50.00 we will ship it at no extra cost. We fully trust that your purchase will please you, but you will always get 30 days cooling-of period. If you would prefer to return your purchase, that’s just OK for us. We are only satisfied when you are. So it's easy to shop at Maes & Hills.