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Laptop trolleys

Travelling with a Laptop trolley

Looking for a trolley in which you can easily take your laptop with you? Then a laptop trolley is a good option. Laptop cases are available for all inch sizes and in different colours and materials. The laptop trolley is specially designed to transport a laptop. However, there is also enough space for other accessories and clothing. You can now easily take your laptop in a laptop trolley on a business trip. It is important to measure the dimensions of your laptop and compare it with the dimensions stated on the product site.


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The Eastpak trolley Tranverz H

Are you looking for an easy way to transport your laptop? Then you probably won't think about a laptop trolley. However, a trolley can be extremely useful if you have to travel often with your laptop. The models are equipped with wheels so you can easily roll your laptop with you. The models are also suitable to take with you on a short business trip. You can take a trolley for the laptop as hand luggage on the plane so you can easily work on your laptop while traveling. In addition to a comfortable way to travel, a good protection for your laptop is also a big plus of a trolley case. So, there are enough reasons to opt for a laptop trolley.

Order your laptop trolley ladies at Maes & Hills

For your daily visits to customers, but also for short business trips, you can use your business trolley perfectly. Your laptop is well protected during the journey and you also have all the space you need to transport the necessary business documents. If you travel by plane, you can take the laptop trolley with you as hand luggage. Just as handy if you want to work during the trip. Check carefully with the airline if your laptop trolley meets the maximum dimensions for carrying hand luggage. At Maes & Hills you can find various types of laptop trolleys in various sizes, qualities and designs. View our selection and be convinced by the versatility of the collection.

Is the Eastpak laptop trolley case something for you

If you travel a lot for work and your laptop is an indispensable part of your luggage, then a laptop trolley is a good option. A laptop is already indispensable from our daily existence. We are happy to use this portable PC for study, work but also privately. With a laptop trolley you prevent damage to your laptop when you travel from A to B. t. A laptop trolley is a small suitcase on wheels. The trolleys are available in various sizes and designs, but they have one thing in common: a laptop compartment for your laptop. Moreover, the cases are often equipped with extra compartments for your mouse, documents and other items. In some cases, a separate compartment for a tablet has also been considered.

An extensive range of trolley laptop cases

A business trolley is characterized by compact dimensions, low weight and a robust design. Often there is also a separate, removable laptop bag or laptop sleeve in the laptop trolley bag. In addition, the best laptop trolley offers space for the necessary hand luggage and business documents. Other accessories such as a mouse, notebook, iPad or tablet can also easily be included in one of the compartments. Your wallet, keys and telephone can also be stored in one of the storage compartments of the laptop trolley. This way you always have all your important things at hand. Of course, you can also use the laptop trolley for private purposes for a holiday, for example. This trolley offers enough space for taking your clothes.

For which portable laptop trolley do you decide?

Do you regularly travel abroad by plane and do you need good protection for your laptop? Then of course you opt for a laptop trolley from Maes & Hills. You have come to the right place for this. We are happy to help you find a trolley that suits you. Our customer service staff will be happy to help you on your way. Have you found a model that meets your requirements? Then place an order in our online shop. That immediately gives you several benefits. We guarantee a fast delivery time and you don't have to worry about returning your purchase. If you are not satisfied, return the trolley and you get your money back. Do you have questions about your purchase or are you looking for advice? We are happy to help you!