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Leather laptop backpacks

Leather laptop backpack

Fashion trends pass, but the elegance of a leather bag is permanent. Are you looking for a leather laptop backpack with a nice design? Our collection offers brands with very high-quality bags. Find your leather laptop backpack that looks amazing even after many years – in fact, it only becomes more beautiful.


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Leather laptop backpack

A backpack is practical and comfortable to wear. They have plenty of room for your personal belongings and you can store your laptop safely. You like the ease of a backpack, but you prefer leather to polyester because of the original look. With a leather laptop backpack you’ll always have a unique item. You like to buy things of a high quality that last a long time, whether it’s clothes, shoes or bags. A leather laptop backpack from our range is always functional and practical to use while also maintaining an elegant Italian design.

Leather laptop backpack for ladies and gentlemen: modest and hip versions

There are many types of laptop bags available. Even when you’ve decided that you want a leather laptop backpack, you’ll find that there is much to choose from when it comes to types and colours. We offer laptop backpacks by the modern Italian brands Piquardo and by The Bridge, also an Italian brand from Florence. Both brands only have bags made of carefully selected leather with amazing finishes. Another brand with nice leather backpacks is the brand Eastpak! If you like “less is more” and if you’re looking for a brown leather laptop backpack with a modest design, The Bridge is the perfect brand for you. If you prefer a hip leather laptop backpack with a striking colour or original design, Piquardo might be the right place to look. Whatever style you prefer, you can always organise your belongings well in our models.

Tips for buying a leather laptop backpack for women or men

If you want to buy a leather laptop backpack for your job, studies or holiday, you no doubt have a number of demands it should meet. Also pay attention to the following issues: -Do you want your bag to be shiny or matte? -Do you like a neutral colour that’s easy to combine with your clothes, or rather a striking colour? -What’s the layout of the bag like when it comes to outer and inner pockets? -Does the bag have one or two front compartments with a zip? -How big should the laptop compartment be for your laptop? -Do you also need a tablet compartment?

The advantages of leather

Thanks to the use of nice leather, every leather laptop backpack for ladies or gentlemen in our range exudes style and quality. The leather used for the leather bags is always tanned first, to make it stronger. Experienced leatherworkers will then start working with the leather to turn it into bags. The advantage of leather is that it becomes practically indestructible by this treatment, so that you can enjoy your bag for ages. The brand Piquadro is famous for the use of leather of a high quality. Specialised experts pick the leather, preferably originating from Tuscany. Piquadro also has special machines to test the raw materials for sturdiness, structure and resistance to water. A leather laptop backpack of this brand can take a hit.

Pay attention to the details when buying a leather laptop backpack

A leather laptop backpack from our collection is always perfectly functional. A heavy handbag or shoulder bag can quickly hurt your back or shoulder, but with a leather laptop backpack with adjustable straps you’ll always wear your laptop on your back and the weight is distributed evenly. It’s much more comfortable to transport your things. It is good to inspect the finish and specifications in a bit more detail if you want to buy a leather laptop backpack. The interiors of our backpacks are always finished with care. In addition, they have a sturdy handle and zips of a high quality. Of course, you need to find a bag with the right size compartment for your laptop, such as 14 inch or 13 inch.

Do you prefer a classic brown backpack or a leather laptop backpack with a different colour?

Italy has an ancient tradition when it comes to leathercrafting. Piquadro uses the knowledge of this old profession, but also gives each of its bags a modern and original design. You’ll be right at home at this brand for a leather laptop backpack for ladies or gentlemen in modern colours or with details in strikingly contrasting colours. This brand believes in involving creative young designers in the design of its bag ranges through contests. What’s just as good as a bag by Piquadro is a leather laptop backpack of the Italian brand The Bridge. This brand has many bags in neutral colours such as brown and cognac. The brown leather backpacks are perfect for a modern, vintage and classic look and are suitable for both men and women. Thanks to the polishing treatment they have a beautiful shiny look. Eastpak also has nice leather backpacks for the modern man or woman. Eastpak often offers its leather models in countless colors, such as brown, black, dark red and green. Sometimes, there are also special editions, including the backpacks of iridescent leather or leather with a contrasting, futuristic fabric. Do you like leather, but do you prefer a backpack made of polyester, than an Eastpak with a leather bottom and leather details might be a good choice.  

Maes & Hills has a leather laptop backpack that suits you

With a bag it’s often love at first sight. You either love it or hate it. If you’re looking for a leather laptop backpack, be inspired by our beautiful collection. You’ll only find top brands that highly value design, functionality and beautiful craftsmanship. Traditional leathercrafting has of course changed a lot over time, and nowadays artisans also use the newest techniques. If you want a laptop backpack with a timeless English look that you can combine with any casual or formal outfit, a bag by The Bridge is very suitable. If you’re looking for a high-quality leather laptop backpack with a trendy look, Piquadro is perfect. The backpacks of this brand are all remarkable eye-catchers that will certainly make you stand out. For both Piquadro and The Bridge it’s also important to impact the environment as little as possible when producing their bags. Eastpak leather backpacks offer a stylish design and high wearing comfort thanks to the adjustable shoulder straps and the padded back panel. Some of the models have a padded compartment for laptops 13 or 15 inch. You certainly will enjoy the leather models with a sleek, simple design and a minimalist look. We have leather laptop backpacks that are ideal for students and young professionals. You will also find the popular Padded Pak'r models of luxury leather with a front zip pocket. Ideal for small items like your keys, cell phone and pen case. This beautiful backpack has also a laptop sleeve. Which model you choose: with an Eastpak leather backpack you always look stylish.

Background of Piquadro

Piquadro is an incredibly innovative brand that holds many patents for the innovative details of their bags. Another thing that stands out immediately is the remarkable design, for which the designers work together with Italian and foreign design schools. For a leather laptop backpack they use the best leather. The leather of our Piquadro bags is carefully tanned and coloured with natural paint. The hand-painted details give every leather laptop backpack for ladies a wholly unique look.

The Bridge: Tuscan brand from Florence since 1969

The Bridge is also a renowned brand from Italy, although you might not think so when reading the name. This environmentally-friendly bag and leather goods brand is the result of five friends and is located in the leather city of Florence. This brand doesn’t make its bags abroad, but in Italy. The Bridge uses vegetable-tanned, pristinely polished cow leather to produce its leather laptop backpacks. The expert craftsmen create the modest and simultaneously classy bags partly by hand. A bag by this brand will always be fashionable and is also popular among hipsters who like to buy products with a high sustainability.

About the Eastpak brand

Eastpak started in 1952 with making indestructible bags for the US Army. These army bags became popular in the seventies as a bag for college kids. Eastpak started to design backpacks and school bags for students and young professionals. The famous Eastpak with a leather bottom and a leather handle was born. In the eighties Eastpak added colors and prints to the bags. Collaboration with hip designers and artists, resulted in backpack bags with a fashionable design. Eastpak is now the brand in the field of backpacks and offers 30 years warranty on its models.