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Leather briefcase

Are you looking for a nice leather briefcase? Do you want a sleek briefcase, or are you looking for a youthful one? There is so much to choose from that it may be difficult to actually make a decision, because we offer many different colours, models and brands. If you invest in a good bag, it would be nice to know more about the brand behind the bag. The history and origin of all those different brands is often fascinating and special. So let's dive into it!


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The ideal leather briefcase for gentlemen

Leather is an incredibly durable material. To create a supple piece of workable leather, you need to invest a lot of time. As a result, leather isn’t the cheapest material and leather briefcases are a lot more expensive than bags made of fake leather. Because of this, many people shy away from buying a leather briefcase. But it could be a great investment in the long term. Thanks to its durability, leather lasts for many years, sometimes even a lifetime. Leather is also timeless and has been used for decades to make briefcases, and with good reason. In the 1950s businessmen already used leather bags, and they’re still popular today – not just in the world of business, but everywhere. Leather also suits almost anything and it’s a versatile material. It’s easy to combine leather. And lastly, it doesn’t break easily. Leather is an incredibly sturdy material. Any scratches can be removed quite easily by using the right care products, and stains can be removed in the same way. If you want to enjoy your leather briefcase for many years, it’s a good idea to take good care of it. Regularly spray your leather briefcase with an impregnating agent. This will create a kind of protective layer on the leather, which protects the leather from becoming dirty or damaged by heavy use. Also regularly apply leather salve to avoid dehydration. Don’t place the bag close to a heat source and avoid too much exposure to direct sunlight. Leather is a natural product and should be maintained as such. If you’re prepared to take a little extra care of your leather briefcase, it is definitely worth it to check out our collection of bag brands, such as The Bridge, Marta Ponti and Piquardo. Who wouldn’t want a stylish leather briefcase to use for years to come?

Important points when buying a leather briefcase

Maes & Hills offers a wide selection of various brands, sizes, colours and models of laptop bags. This might make it difficult to choose a bag. And if you dive into the history and ideas of a certain brand, it’s even more difficult! Some ideas are so beautiful that you’d want to buy a bag just because of the ideas behind it. It would be good to also look at the design of the bag and see whether it suits you. This is not just about looks, but also about functionality, whether it fits your files, whether it has enough compartments to store your cards and keys, etc. Briefcases are often used to transport laptops or tablets, so it would be a good idea to buy a leather briefcase for gentlemen or ladies made of sturdy leather. A briefcase of sturdy leather protects your belongings even better than a briefcase of more supple leather, which is especially important if you’re moving around a lot. Finally, also keep in mind why you’re buying the bag. Personal use, company use, or a combination? If you know this, you can decide to look only for bags with a professional or an informal look.

The Bridge

The bag brand of The Bridge has been making leather bags for more than fifty years. Through their leather bags they try to express the Tuscan way of living by implementing both ancient traditions and modern techniques. Other words that characterise this brand are nostalgia and joy of life. All bags and accessories are made largely by hand. An important part of this process is to make the leather supple. The bags by The Bridge are vegetable-tanned, which is why this brand is ecologically responsible and sustainable. The briefcases of The Bridge are practical, but also very stylish and elegant. The high quality cow leather of the professional bags give them an atmosphere of luxury. All products of this Italian brand have a timeless design. Gentle, natural shades of brown and cognac are part of the classic collections of the brand.

Briefcase by The Bridge: hip and still timeless

The designs of The Bridge display not just their fine Italian craftsmanship, but also a romantic style. This style is largely based on retro English models, making the leather briefcases by The Bridge attractive to hipsters. Digital nomads are attracted to the briefcases as well, because they’re timeless, hip and wearable. The bags are also produced as sustainably as possible, which is a condition many hipsters value. The elegant, English look also makes The Bridge popular among people who like classic looks. So you might spot the leather briefcases for ladies or gentlemen basically anywhere: at the office as well as at bars, with older people as well as with young people who travel the world as digital nomads.

Leather briefcase for gentlemen by Marta Ponti

Thanks to its name, the brand Marta Ponti is often expected to be an Italian brand, but it’s not. Marta Ponti is Portuguese and has been in business for more than 50 years. Marta Ponti focuses primarily on men, and more specifically on fashionable, modern gentlemen. The brand tries to design its bags in such a way that a Marta Ponti leather briefcase is perfect for everyday life. The starting point here is the use of natural, good-looking leather and refined details.

Colour in leather briefcases by Marta Ponti

Colour also plays an important role in the collections of Marta Ponti. Although natural-looking types of leather are the starting point, that doesn’t mean that all bags have the same colour. After all, leather comes in many different shapes and sizes. For example, their collection includes cognac coloured bags and brown bags, and there is plenty of variation even within those colours. The use of various colours of leather in a design creates variety and playfulness. With the zips and various types of straps, the bags have a clear signature. This makes the leather briefcases for gentlemen by Marta Ponti eye-catchers that lasts for years.

The history of Piquadro

Should a leather briefcase for ladies or for gentlemen be unremarkable? Marco Palmieri would answer that question with a heartfelt no. The Italian founded his own label in 1987, when he was just 22 years old. At first he designed by commission, but soon afterwards he entered the market himself with Piquadro. His designs focus on design, technology and functionality. In the year 2000 he opened various concept stores in Italy as well as abroad, in Moscow, Hong Kong and Barcelona. It was going so well that Piquadro registered at the Italian stock market in 2007, and the success of the brand only continues to grow. Today you can find his bags in the most expensive places in New York, London and Paris.

Piquadro: striking design

Piquadro focuses on innovation, but also on functionality and design. The brand always looks for true Italian elegance and originality. They only use high-quality leather, which is mostly produced by Piquardo itself. Because of all this passion and creativity, people often expect the brand to be too extravagant to wear at formal events. But if you actually look at the Piquadro collection will see that many of their leather briefcases for gentlemen or for ladies are suitable to any event. Both colour and design can be extravagant, but there are also beautiful bags with more gentle colours. A combination of grey and brown, for example, would be perfect for practically any event – especially in combination with the high-quality finish of the products.

Acquisition of The Bridge by Piquadro

Although they still use two different names for their brand, The Bridge was acquired by Piquadro in 2016. Piquadro currently holds about 80 percent of the shares of The Bridge, so it practically wields the sceptre. Marco Palmiero of Piquadro decided to acquire The Bridge because, as he says, he fell in love with the designs of The Bridge. Tradition and craftsmanship are very important to The Bridge, which is something Palmiero greatly appreciates. In addition, Palmiero stressed in an earlier interview that the acquisition should not be seen as a competitive move, but rather as a reinforcement of both brands. It would be beautiful if The Bridge could grow internationally like Piquadro has done before.

Leather bag as a present

Taste is something very personal. Some people may like certain bags while other people think those same bags are ugly. Like clothes, buying a bag is a personal affair. A leather bag can be a perfect present, but it’s important to know a few things. The giver if the present should know the recipient very well and be familiar with their taste. There’s one exception to this: some people dream of a certain bag or other accessory for years and tell their friends and family all about it. That makes finding the right present a lot easier! If you want to know more about our range of leather briefcases, contact us, because we can answer all your questions. We’d love to tell you more about these high-quality and stylish briefcases of leather. Because our bags are of high quality, you can enjoy your investment for many years to come.