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Cross body bags

With a cross-body lady bag you truly complete your look!

Purses are among the most functional accessories of our wardrobes. They contain all our daily things, protect our valuable and not-so-valuable items from weather, damage and theft. And of course they usually help to complete our polished look. That last point is especially true for cross-body lady bags. Some purses are not very ergonomic or functional, but they still look nice. On the other hand, some purses may be very professional but are just ugly. Maybe that’s why women on average have more than twenty purses and buy a new purse every three months if the opportunity presents itself. Because purses can easily cost upwards of a few hundred euros, it’s nice if it were worth the investment.


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Leather cross-body lady bag

Maes & Hills and Belluga are two brands that highly value quality, exclusivity and service. They have a vast collection of lady bags in various styles and materials. For example, you may pick a nice leather cross-body lady bag that is suitable for your body type. Don’t just take into account the primary purpose of your purse, but also focus on finding a bag that compliments your body, just like you’d choose other fashion items. Here are a few useful tips for looking for a purse that compliments your body type.

1. The size of the purse should be in relation to your body type. - Short, small women look bigger with small purses and shorter with large purses. - Long, slender women look bigger with small purses and look best with mid-sized, large or oversized styles. - The shape of a purse should be the opposite of the body type of the wearer.

2. Short women look longer with a long, rectangular purse. - Slender and long women look good with round purses. - The length of a purse, of which the bottom touches the body, emphasises that area.

3. Short purses make chests look bigger, so choose a purse with long straps to draw away the attention from certain areas of the body. Most women look good with purses that touch the middle of the torso. It is definitely a good idea to use purses that balance your figure. For example, if you have a pear-shaped or triangular body type (waist and hips are wider than your shoulders), a bag that hangs between your waist and your hips makes your upper body look bigger and balance your figure. If you have a rectangular body type (your shoulders, waist and hips are around the same width), it helps to wear a shoulder bag that hangs around your waist, to add a slight curve. If you try a purse in the shop, at least check what it looks like in a mirror, so that you can be certain to buy a purse that really compliments your body, rather than contradict your style.

Unfortunate purses

You might not think about it, but there are a couple of purses that destroy your look rather than compliment it. What should you pay attention to if you don’t want to make a mistake? A few signs of purses you need to avoid: - Useless compartments or too many compartments. Inside and outside compartments are often not big enough or may be too big, so that your things always disappear. - Disproportionally heavy. A heavy purse is a recipe for shoulder and back complaints. The ideal weight of a purse is under 1.1 kg, even though the average purse nowadays weighs as much as 2.6 kg. - Bad straps. Adjustable straps are best for flexibility and fit, but if your straps are not adjustable, make sure that they’re not too long or too short for your body. Also avoid straps that are too thin: they’ll cut into your shoulders and aren’t as ergonomic. - Materials of a low quality. Leather bags should be soft and buttery, not plastic-like, stiff or squeaky. Non-leather bags, such as canvas or cloth purses, should be sturdy rather than thin. Check whether they’ve been coated for certain weather conditions. Also check the inner lining: it shouldn’t be too thin or loose.

Beautiful and practical

When we talk about a stylish and functional purse, we mean a purse that doesn’t make your shoulders ache, that fits your style and that symbolises a happy marriage between a nice look and practical usability. Before looking for a purse, consider when and how you want to use it for an upcoming event. What do you want to store in it? What outfits will you be wearing? How will you be wearing it? If you’re looking for an everyday bag of a high quality to visit a city, for example, you might want to choose a light-weight leather cross-body bag for ladies rather than a leather bag with short handles. For your job, you might choose a classic shoulder bag with enough room to bring a small tablet or papers.

Leather cross-body bag for ladies

Purses are great. That’s something we all agree on. But there are more choices than ever before, more prices, materials and colours, so it’s sometimes difficult to establish what is and what isn’t worth the effort. We can guarantee you one thing: you will not regret buying a leather cross-body bag for ladies. This bag offers a lot of freedom of movement, keeps all your belongings close by, and looks much more classy than a backpack. Especially when made of leather. A good leather cross-body bag for ladies has a sturdy adjustable strap, with a front flap that’s easy to manoeuvre. It is often not too heavy and is mid-sized. A bag that’s too small won’t be very functional, while a bag that’s too big may have an overwhelming effect. When you decide to buy a leather cross-body lady bag, check the following: - Stitches. The seams should be consistent everywhere, without loose threads. If the bag has a pattern, the image should fit within the seams as well. Also pull on all decorations or chains to check how strong they are. - Good zips and other hardware. One of the best signs of quality is how a zip opens and closes: it should always run smoothly. All other fasteners and seals should work equally easily and neatly. - Connections for the straps. The seams where the straps meet the body of the bag are important, because these are points of high pressure. We recommend to stay far away from bags with handles that are not stitched to the edges of the straps but that are merely glued on, because those handles will eventually come off. - Fewer seams and parts. The more parts (fasteners, buttons, etc.) a purse has, the more ways there are for the bag to break. Many pieces of leather are stitched together into a sort of quilt, which consists of many seams and results in a weaker bag. - Other fine details. Sometimes these small details are the true indicators of a high-quality purse. Things such as feet on the bottom of a bag so that it doesn’t get dirty when you put it down, a key chain inside the bag, a comfortable zip or outside pockets with magnetic seals. Your purses should be something nice and a source of pleasure. Invest in a high-quality leather cross-body bag for ladies and it will bring you joy for many seasons.

Leather cross-body bag for ladies: a must

There are women who love shoes. There are women who love every leather cross-body bag they see. But there are also women who just like bags and have to collect them until their wardrobe overflows. No matter which category you belong to, you’ll definitely find something great at Maes & Hills. We offer all seductive selections of leather cross-body lady bags. What more could you wish for, as a woman? A cross-body bag is a must. From parading around to classes to brunches all day long, you choose a style that suits you and be assured to truly enjoy your bag. A leather cross-body bag for ladies is the ideal day backpack for trips: it is safer and more resistant to pickpockets than shoulder bags or backpacks, and it doesn’t immediately mark you as a tourist. The best leather cross-body bag for ladies is ultra-light and even has anti-theft functions. For example, we offer a versatile anti-theft cross-body of which you can detach the strap. This usually is a light-weight bag designed to be hard to steal, with a slash-resistant construction and locked compartments. Other anti-theft cross-body bags may have hidden stainless steel wires in the strap, so that thieves can’t easily take them and run. Other types have a safety flap, strap protection reinforced with steel, and RFID blocking compartments. Some you can even install underneath your coat for extra protection! That’s handy, right?

Leather cross-body lady bag of every size

You could see cross-body purses as wallets with very long adjustable straps that you can carry across the body, out of the way but very safe. This is an accessory that comes in a wide range of sizes and colours, so that every woman can find the perfect purse. Do you want to travel light? Choose a mini leather cross-body bag for ladies with just enough space for the most important things, such as ID, wallet and lipstick, and leave all heavy things at home. With the usual functions such as a long strap, zip and inner pocket, a mini is exactly right to quickly bring with you. A small leather cross-body bag for ladies in a favourite colour can be worn as an accent for any outfit. A version with built-in pocket for a mobile phone looks cute and allows you to always have your phone at hand. Most women are reasonably competent with a mid-sized leather cross-body lady bag. It might even be a good idea to have bags of this size in multiple colours and styles, because it often needs to suit your clothes that day. Choose a type with an outside front compartment for easy access, a mix of open pockets with zips and a sturdy lining for a wallet that can withstand anything. Do you have to bring many things? Choose a large bag with various pockets with zips and use it as a piece of luggage and a bag at the same time. There are versions with double handles and a polyester lining, making it a sustainable accessory, and if needed can even store a change of clothes. The leather cross-body lady bag makes it easy for every woman to stay organised. Come and take a look today at the various types, sizes and colours at Maes & Hills.

Beautiful collection of Maes & Hills

The collection of lady bags of Maes & Hills is stylish, exclusive, and made with passion. The range contains the most beautiful leather cross-body lady bags, which will no doubt make your heart beat faster. Because we respond very quickly to the latest trends, we are able to present exclusive stylish leather bags every season. The trendy fashion collection of Maes & Hills consists of beautiful Italian leather bags made by the small local workshops around Florence. The Bridge, Piquadro, Patrizia Pepe and Chianni Chiarini are a few of the striking Italian brands, but our range also includes the famous Portuguese brand Marta Ponti, which has a history of more than 50 years. The Spanish brand Bridas, a synonym for charm and elegance, completes our range. The Maes & Hills Collection represents service and quality, and highly values craftsmanship.

Leather cross-body lady bag by Maes & Hills

You can expect a purse to not just be practical, but also stylish, elegant and luxurious. All these features can be found in the Couve purse of Maes & Hills, crafted in Italy. Thanks to the long strap, you can easily bring this exclusive leather purse anywhere. It is a bag that truly completes your elegant outfit. The Couve purse is made of very high quality leather and will give you many years of joy. Another beautiful bag is the leather cross-body lady bag with suede flap by Maes & Hills. This bag, made in Italy, has an elegant design and beautiful finish. The craftsmanship can clearly be seen in this practical and stylish bag. What’s really nice is the long, adjustable strap so that you can wear it over your shoulder. This cool and luxurious purse is made of high-quality leather and will give you many years of joy. Stylish, elegant and luxurious: that’s also what the Belgian brand Belluga represents. This brand is synonymous with class and craftsmanship, and has been specialising for many years in the design and production of exclusive purses. If you’re looking for a leather cross-body lady bag, this brand will definitely have plenty to choose from!