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Eastpak Warehouse

With the Eastpak Warehouse you will not be short of space!

The Eastpak Warehouse was designed for globetrotters and world travelers. It has an enormous capacity of 151 liters and as such is difficult to beat when it comes to the ratio between bag and baggage volume. The seasoned traveler will therefore be more than just enjoying this Eastpak, which is not only equipped with handles and carrying straps, but also with two rollers and drive lever. This Eastpak Warehouse measures 84 x 45 x 38 centimeters and weighs 2.9 kilograms. It is made of polyester, which makes it light, flexible and durable. In addition to its enormous capacity, the Warehouse has also thought of organization, as evidenced by an abundance of handy additional courses, which are often also accessible separately (i.e. quickly). Check out the different beautiful designs and colors of the Eastpak Warehouse on this page and find your ideal travel bag.

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