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Travel bags

Travel bag

Of course you can bring a suitcase when travelling, but you could also store your things in a travel bag. Maes & Hills has beautiful travel bags of various sizes, for holidays or weekend trips with your friends or family. You can see our complete range of stylish bags on this page.


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Eastpak travel bag

Eastpak travel bags are bags that are packed with quality, are available in all imaginable colors and are very lightweight. Every year, completely new series are released so that you can always choose between a huge number of models and color combinations. A bag that matches your style! The Eastpak travel adventure began in 1952, when the bags were made specifically for the US Army. Due to the firmness of the bags, they were increasingly used as school bags in the 1970s, and in 1999 the first Eastpak travel bags were introduced with an easy wheeling system. This bag is still the bag for traveling!

Eastpak trends

We do not have to tell that Eastpak travel bags are unmistakably trendy and popular. Everyone knows the bags and wants them. Bags that finish your travel outfit, but with which you absolutely do not miss the mark at school. With the 30-year warranty that Eastpak offers, it is not necessary to worry about the quality of the bags. We can imagine that you would like to have an appropriate Eastpak travel bag with every outfit. However, we also know that these bags have a price tag, but the opposite is that the bags last a long time. As mentioned before, Eastpak offers you a free 30-year warranty on your travel bag, which indicates that the quality is very high. In addition, the Eastpak travel bags are in sale a few times a year. So, if you want to spend some more money on your trip, you can buy your Eastpak travel bag in the sales at Maes & Hills! When buying, please pay attention to which bag is the most suitable for your travel destination. Are you going for the Eastpak travel bag XL or is the Eastpak travel bag on wheels a lot more convenient for you?

Eastpak travel bag in use

When we travel, we all want to take as much as possible with us. Rolling up your clothes is such a trick with which you save some space in your bag or suitcase, so that you can take more clothes with you or put a set of extra flip-flops in your bag. Ideally, we all want a bag or suitcase as small as possible, but if you go backpacking for three months or go on holiday for a couple of weeks, you will probably not manage it with such a small size. The big advantage of Eastpak travel bags is that they have pockets everywhere. So, you don’t need to turn your entire travel bag upside down to get your passport or travel documents out. Just put it in the lockable front pocket, then you always have them within reach. Furthermore, Eastpak travel bags are equipped with a telescopic handle, an easy wheeling system and handles. So, you can always choose how to carry your bag in the most convenient way. The bag has a TSA lock that ensures that your belongings are safely stored while traveling. In addition, the compression straps ensure that you can make your bag as compact as possible. Handy when for instance there is not enough space in the luggage rack in the train. At home you can make your bag as small as possible thanks to the compression straps; handy to store.

Types of Eastpak bags

Above we discussed the benefits of the travel bag on wheels. And of course, Eastpak released bags without wheels as well, which can still be compared to the bags in 1952. The Eastpak travel bag XL has a capacity of 85 liters. The extendable handle makes the bag ideal for a trip but also for a weekend away. The padded handles ensure a comfortable wearing comfort. Do you find this bag a bit expensive, then look at the Eastpak travel bags in the sale, maybe there is something affordable for you? The brand also has a line of travel bags suitable for hand luggage, lightweight and easy to carry. As you have read, the Eastpak travel bags are available in any desired model, size, print and for every purpose. The Eastpak travel bags are very convenient to use and extremely suitable for traveling. You can buy an Eastpak travel bag in the Maes & Hills webshop!

Mens leather travel bag and leather travel bag woman’s

A leather bag is a timeless accessory for both him and her. These bags never become out of fashion and can therefore be used for years. At Maes & Hills.com you can find a wide range of leather travel bags. Many of these bags are made of cowhide or cow leather and are available in timeless colors such as black, cognac and gray but of course you can also opt for a colored item. For the business user, Maes & Hills also has very nice laptop trolleys from premium brands, which can also be used as a travel bag when you leave a weekend. In other words: whether you are spending a long week on vacation or just looking for a bag suitable for a few days, Maes & Hills offers travel bags for everyone.

Order your brown leather travel bag

Go from stylish to holiday, a weekend away or on a business trip with a beautiful and luxurious leather travel bag. Sometimes it is not necessary to bring a large and heavy suitcase, because you only need a few things on a journey. In that case, a leather travel bag is an ideal solution. Leather travel bags offer plenty of space to take all your stuff with you and are also multifunctional. Besides that these travel bags are very functional, they are also very stylish, a luxury accessory for both men and women. Maes & Hills offers a large collection of leather travel bags from various major brands. This collection is regularly updated and updated with the latest colors, including black leather travel bag mens and brown leather travel bag mens, and models. View the beautiful items online and order a leather travel bag at www.maeshillscollection.com. A bag of this high-quality material is well worth the investment! A leather travel bag is essential for women, but also for men. These travel bags are each made of high quality leather - a material that is timeless, natural and highly sought after. Leather is in fact made from animal skins. These skins are first thoroughly cleaned and prepared for production. Then the leather is tanned, so that the leather becomes strong and ready for use. Because every hide is different, every leather travel bag is unique. A bag of this high quality material is therefore ideal for daily use.

Leather travel bags for sale

Travel bags are among the classics of travel luggage. In comparison with suitcases and trolleys they have a very low weight. This makes travel bags the perfect accessory for spontaneous trips or trips by car, because they can be stored in the trunk or in the luggage rack of the train thanks to the soft and flexible material. While large suitcases are hard to store in the already full car, travel bags can use every emptiness efficiently. If the handle or shoulder strap is not sufficient, you can always fall back on travel bags with wheels. These combine the practical aspects of a travel bag - namely the flexible material, the practical exterior pockets and the narrow size - with the comfort of a trolley. On longer journeys, you can tow the wheeled travel bag comfortably behind the telescopic handle behind you.

Luxery leather travel bags

With a leather mens travel bag you will not miss the board when you travel. It is a bag that you can use for years and because of its look it is certainly an item that you can spend years. The big word that comes to mind first with the travel bag is: timeless. This type of travel bag has never been out of fashion and will not be that fast either. It presents luxury and certainly has a classic, business look. A leather travel bag can certainly upgrade your travel outfit! Is not a travel bag something for you and are you looking for something else? You will also find that on our website! At Maes & Hills we also sell other types of travel bags and suitcases. We sell trolleys, wheeled holdalls, weekend bags and hand luggage trolleys. These are of course available in different colors and sizes, so you can choose a travel bag or suitcase that fully meets your requirements. Are you looking for a cool travel bag, for example? Then a leather travel bag from Cowboysbag might be something for you!

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