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Diaper Bags

Diaper bags

Diaper bags make life easier. As a parent, you will probably already know that all your child's needs do not fit a normal bag. For example, all diapers, powder, cleaning wipes and drinking bottles take up a lot of space. Fortunately, the solution is there: diaper bags! Diaper bags are special bags made for transporting all the necessary stuff of your child. These bags have plenty of space and moreover this space is well organized, so that you have a clear overview of all the stuff that you carry in the bag. An advantage: no diaper bag is the same! This means that every diaper bag is different, so you can choose a bag that exactly meets your requirements.


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Benefits of a diaper bag handbag

As mentioned before, a diaper bag is very different from a normal bag. Not only does the bag have more space, but there is also more possibility to arrange things neatly through different compartments. In addition to space and overview, a diaper bag also offers comfort. Lifting a bag with a lot of stuff can be very heavy and that's why a diaper bag is specially designed to make it all the more bearable. For example, a diaper bag contains two sturdy handles, with which you can carry the bag in your hand but also over the shoulder. It also often has a shoulder strap, so you can wear it over the shoulder and have your hands free. In addition, you can usually adjust this shoulder strap, so you can adjust the bag to your height and comfort, but also so that the bag can possibly hang over the pram. In short: a diaper bag contains many different wearing options!

Backpack diaper bag

In addition to diaper bag handbags there are also the so-called baby backpacks: a diaper bag in the form of a backpack. The backpack contains two sturdy straps, so the bag can be worn on the back. This means that you do not have to carry the bag in your hands and you have them free to use for other things. These straps are adjustable and can therefore be adjusted to your body measurements, which contributes to the comfort. Plus, the two straps ensure that the weight of the bag is evenly distributed over the back and shoulders. This makes the diaper bag backpack ideal for longer trips and traveling without pram.

Dimensions of a diaper bag

A diaper bag must of course be tailored to your personal wishes. That is why it is useful to have an idea of the average dimensions of a diaper bag. If you are looking for a diaper bag for daily use and have a standard, practical layout then you can assume the dimensions of a standard diaper bag. A standard model generally has dimensions around 40 centimeters wide, 25 centimeters high and 15 centimeters deep. In addition, it is also possible to go for a slightly larger version, if you are older, for example, want to transport twins or extra items. The larger version is often a little deeper which provides extra storage space.

Diaper bag with practical layout

Diaper bags or a backpack diaper bags often have a contemporary look and go well with almost any outfit. It is therefore usually difficult to distinguish a diaper bag from a normal handbag. Where a diaper bag differs from a handbag, is very good to see on the inside. A diaper bag not only has a lot of storage space, but also a practical layout so that you can transport all your items easily and in an orderly manner. The bag contains different compartments in various sizes for diapers, cleaning wipes, toys and so on. This also makes it possible to distinguish dirty clothing or lotions from dry and clean items. In addition, a diaper bag often includes a bottle holder, which prevents leakage. For direct access to important items - such as a telephone or key - a diaper bag also has zip pockets at the front. Enough options to store your baby accessories!

Material and care of a diaper bag

A diaper bag is a product that you almost always carry with you during the first years of your child. This also means that your bag will be exposed to a lot of dirt, both on the inside and outside. That is why a diaper bag is made of durable and easily maintainable material. In other words: a diaper bag is easy to clean and lasts for a long time. The lining is usually made of washable material, so you can easily clean it.

Fashion conscious with a diaper bag

For many mothers, it seems almost impossible to be fashionable and at the same time to be a mother. But fortunately, M & H has a solution for this: leather diaper bags that are both practical and modern! In our assortment, you will find many leather diaper bags and backpack diaper bags which are not only selected with practical benefits, but also on a stylish design.

Cowboysbag diaper bag

Cowboysbag is a classic, cool, Dutch brand and sells, among other things, beautiful diaper bags. These bags are made of high quality leather and have a robust look. Not only are the bags dirt-repellent, they are sold with a matching changing mat. For example, there is the Cowboysbag diaper bag: a bag with a sturdy look and plenty of storage space. The bag is available in the different classic colors black and cognac. Because of this classic color and robust look, the Cowboysbag Diaper bag  is not only made for women, but also for men. With the diaper bags from Cowboysbag you will undoubtedly be stylish!

Buy your diaper bag leather at Maes & Hills

Have you just become a mother or are you just looking for a new diaper bag? Then you are at the right place at M & H! Our diaper bags are all made of high quality leather and have a durable and stylish design. Find your ideal diaper bag that meets your requirements and order it on our website.