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Wash bags

Toiletry bag

Every person who travels uses one: a wash bag. Whether you are spending the night in a hotel or traveling for a few weeks abroad. You are always happy to bring your personal toiletries. We have the right toiletry bag for everyone. We sell large wash bags for all your toiletries and very small ones for only the essentials. Take a look at our collection of wash bags below and find the leather toiletry bag you need.


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A leather wash bag is stylish and durable

Toiletry bags are often made of polyester or nylon, but a leather toilet bag is really a different class! You definitely make a good first impression with this bag for your personal items and the leather will even look better after many years!

Pack a leather wash bag efficiently

Of course, you want to pack your toiletry bag as efficiently as possible. It is useful to make a list in advance of what you want to take with you. This prevents you from taking unnecessary things or accessories with you. Make sure you keep all your care products in the right place. The various pockets ensure a well-organized bag so you can easily find your stuff. It is practical to carry the toiletry bag in your hand luggage. Be inspired by our colourful assortment and treat yourself to a beautiful leather wash bag!

Mens leather wash bag and leather wash bag ladies

A leather wash bag has a totally different appearance than the synthetic ones. It looks classy and stylish and durable., both for men and women. It shows that you have invested in your toiletry bag and you appreciate the quality and smell of leather. You can take the leather toiletry bag with you on a business trip or on a holiday Even at home it looks decorative in your bedroom or bathroom. Be careful that the leather wash bag does not get wet too often.

Advantages of a leather toiletry bag

The advantages of a leather toiletry bag are already mentioned above. A wash bag made of leather will last for many years. A leather toilet bag will look better with proper care! Use a spray to protect, remove dirt with a damp cloth and threat your wash bag with a protective product. Keep your leather toiletry bag out of the sun and avoid the heater

A leather wash bag for your holiday

If you go on holiday in your own country or abroad, a wash bag is necessary to store your toiletry items. You will certainly not leave these lying around in your suitcase. Tubes of toothpaste can burst open and you would rather not have your perfume in your clothing. Wherever you go on holiday, we always have a suitable wash bag that fit in your suitcase or travel bag.

Buy your leather wash bag ladies or a mens leather wash bag at M&H

For buying a leather toiletry bag, you are at the right place at www.maeshillscollection.com. We have different wash bags in different sizes to store your toiletry items such as your shampoo, brush and deodorant. We have wash bags from The Bridge and Burkely in different colours. The brown version looks classy and is available in different shades. From light brown to a dark brown colour. The leather wash in black has a sleek look and is always stylish!

Eastpak toiletry bag

Do you often travel or go to the gym? A toiletry bag with a functional, stylish and timeless design is then indispensable. A leather or polyester toiletry bag from Eastpak is durable and fits well with travel luggage in various styles. Pack your things in a clear and uncomplicated way. Naturally, you want to store items such as razor blades and a toothbrush in your toiletry bag and close with a zipper. Eastpak offers compact toilet bags, including models with a zipper at the top, practical insert pockets and a handle. These bags often also have a side pocket with a zipper and provide space for your most important items. If you are going for a luxury style, then there are Eastpak toiletry bags with an exterior of high-quality leather and a textile lining. More practical and yet very stylish are the polyester models. In addition to toiletry bags that you just put down, Eastpak also has many models that you can unfold and hang up. These toiletry bags have a hanging hook, several compartments and loops to keep bottles in place.

Tips for choosing the ideal toiletry bag

When choosing a new men's or ladies' toiletry bag, consider the following points: - Do you want to be optimally organized with a hanging toiletry bag or do you take very little and go for a compact toiletry bag with a zipper? - Do you use the toiletry bag in the bathroom, when traveling or at the gym and what type of material is suitable? - Are you looking for a sporty, chic or casual model? - Should the toiletry bag match with your suitcase or travel bag in style? - Do you also want to wear the toiletry bag on your wrist?

Please contact us

At our website you can buy wash bags from top brands such as Burkely, Patrizia Pepe and The Bridge. The collection of toiletry bags changes every season. We can always offer the latest designs, colours and prints. We are an official dealer of all brands, so we offer a full guarantee. In our web shop, all model versions are provided with specifications and a complete description. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service by e-mail.