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Hard shell suitcases

Hard shell suitcase

In recent years, much attention has been paid to improving suitcases, because airlines are becoming increasingly strict. Manufacturers therefore try to make suitcases as light as possible and at the same time as strong as possible. The materials used for hard cases are extremely lightweight, scratch-resistant and virtually unbreakable. Soft cases are also becoming lighter, while maintaining quality. They are more flexible than hard suitcases, making them fit faster in the boot or car.


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Tips when buying a suitcase

When there is a lot of traveling by plane, a hard case is the best choice. A hard case is sturdy and easy to close, making the case more secure against theft. The case can also take a beating when it is being loaded and unloaded, for example. A soft suitcase is the best option when traveling with own transport. Because of the flexible material, a soft case fits more easily in a trunk of the car, because the case is easily deformable. You can often choose from a suitcase with two or four wheels. Four wheels ensure that the traveler does not have to pull the suitcase backwards, but can ride alongside him. For those who do not like it, a trolley with two wheels is a better choice. Do you need help or would you like some advice when choosing a product? Send us an e-mail, we will gladly help you further.