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Laptop Backpacks 13"

13 inch laptop backpack

A 13 inch laptop backpack is a good alternative for a regular laptop bag. In a laptop backpack your computer will be well protected. In addition, there is enough space for other belongings such as A4 documents or other items. You carry the weight on your back, and you have your hands free. View the collection of 13 inch laptop backpacks on our website and order your favourite.

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Laptop backpack

More and more people take their laptop with them every day. For example, they can work on the train while enjoying a cup of coffee, give a presentation to a customer or take notes during lectures. A laptop backpack is a perfect way to bring your laptop with you. You can order a laptop backpack easily and quickly online on our website. Whether you are looking for a model with a striking design or just one with a more business-like appearance: you will find the most diverse models in our online shop. In our collection you will find a suitable backpack for every style. From minimalistic to robust to sporty. And ff course all the backpacks have enough space to safely store your 13 inch laptop!

Buy a leather laptop backpack

A 13 inch laptop backpack has a casual look and fits many outfits. Thanks to this casual look, a backpack laptop is easy to take to school or to the office with a more informal culture. Of course, you also have different styles laptop backpacks. The leather laptop backpack is more stylish and fits well with a suit. The laptop backpack made of polyester or nylon is cooler and fits well with jeans. This is a way to determine which style suits you best based on the material the backpack is made of. You can also take a look at the men's and women's backpacks collection. So there are different options to choose your ultimate backpack for your laptop.

Laptop backpack for women and laptop backpack for men

Laptops in general are quite expensive. The laptop backpacks are designed that the 13 inch laptop is well protected. The laptop compartment is extra padded, so in case your laptop backpack falls by accident, your laptop remains undamaged. The backpacks also have one or more shoulder straps that can be adjusted. The straps are provided with a non-slip layer, which considerably improves the wearing comfort. The laptop backpacks are comfortable enough to carry even the heaviest and largest laptops. Are you looking for a comfortable laptop bag in which you can take your laptop with you safely, then a laptop backpack is your perfect travel companion!

Backpack for laptop

13 inch laptop backpacks are comfortable to use and are available in the most unique designs. Each laptop backpack has a specific laptop compartment with foam protection in which the laptop can be anchored by means of a Velcro closure. In addition, each laptop backpack contains several compartments / compartments for storing accessories and other items. In addition, to protect your laptop, it is important that the laptop backpack is exactly the size of your laptop to avoid scratches.

School backpack

Because laptops become more and more important at school, during your internship or at the office, the 13-inch laptop bags are also becoming increasingly important. To continue or finish work at home or to finish your homework, it is convenient to take your laptop home. For this reason, it is important to choose a suitable laptop backpack. A backpack for a laptop is comfortable to carry and you have your hands free in case you go by bike or hold yourself in the metro or train. The most comfortable 13 inch laptop bag to travel with is therefore a laptop backpack.

The right size laptop backpack

To safely bring your 13 inch laptop to school or work, a suitable bag is a must. A laptop backpack is one of the options. An advantage of a backpack is that you have your hands free and it is easy to carry. Your laptop is also safely stored in a stable laptop compartment. It is important to always measure your laptop with an inch. Inch sizes can differ per brand. Moreover, a screen edge is not included in the inch size. To avoid disappointment, we recommend measuring your laptop yourself (including edge) and comparing the size with the dimensions of the laptop compartment.

Eastpak backpack laptop or a Cowboysbag backpack?

Whether you look for a 13-inch laptop backpack for work or for school: Maes & Hills has a suitable backpack for every occasion. We have practical Eastpak laptop backpacks, including the Eastpak Office Zippl'R or Eastpak out of office. If you were previously looking for a leather laptop backpack, then the Cowboysbag might be something for you.

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