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Laptop bags 17"

17 inch laptop bag

If you want to take your 17 inch laptop everywhere in a convenient and safe way, order your 17 inch laptop bag at Maes & Hills. Your Maes & Hills 17 inch laptop bag is not only practical, but also looks incredibly stylish.


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The perfect laptop bag for your 17 inch laptop

Maes & Hills sells various types of laptop bags. The 17 inch laptop bags in our range have been designed and developed specifically for 17 inch laptops. If you have a laptop of this size, buy a 17 inch laptop bag to always carry around your laptop safely. Whether you bring your laptop to meetings, appointments or holidays, a 17 inch laptop bag always offers the best protection. And if you’re looking for a little extra protection for your laptop or tablet, buy a bag with a padded compartment so that your laptop will always be secure, safe from bumps and scratches. In addition to 17 inch laptop bags, we also sell 10 inch laptop bags, 13 inch laptop bags and 15 inch laptop bags. Before buying a laptop bag, it is important to check the actual size of your laptop. If your laptop bag is too large or too small, your laptop may become damaged.

Different types of 17 inch laptop bags

Maes & Hills sells various types, sizes, colours and models of laptop bags. 17 inch laptop bags. If you buy a 17 inch laptop bag with Maes & Hills you can be certain it’s a perfect fit. Many of our laptop bags are made of high-quality leather. This doesn’t just mean that your 17 inch leather laptop bag looks amazing, but also that it will last for years. You buy a 17 inch laptop bag at Maes & Hills once and you can safely store your laptop for years to come. Leather laptop bags may be a little more expensive than bags made of other materials, but they are much more durable, too. This means that you can enjoy your investment longer if you buy a leather laptop bag. From laptop bags with a subtle colour to bags that catch every eye: we have it all. Thanks to our extensive range of laptop bags, you can always find the perfect and most affordable bag for you. And we’re also the right place for stylish 17 inch ladies’ laptop bags. In addition to laptop bags for men, we also sell stylish laptop bags for fashionable women. You can use the filters to the left of this page to make it even easier to find the perfect laptop bag. If you’re looking for a bag in a certain colour, for example, just indicate this using the filters so that you only see 17 inch laptop bags of the right colour.

Laptop bags of renowned brands

Maes & Hills only sells stylish bags of the best brands. For example, we sell various products by Socha, a company specialised in making stylish business bags for ladies. If you believe it is important to be stylish at work but your bag should still be professional, our Socha bags might just be perfect for you. Browse the Socha 17 inch laptop bags in our online range and find a bag that meets all your demands, needs and expectations. The laptop bags are light-weight and made with an eye for detail. In addition, these laptop bags have handy compartments so that you can store all your belongings. The Socha laptop bags are functional, have a padded laptop compartment for optimal protection, and also look incredibly trendy! Of course these ladies’ laptop bags shouldn’t look like work. Developed specifically for women who like to look stylish. Browse through the bags on this page to find a 17 inch laptop bag that’s perfect for you, that meets all your demands while also being affordable. You can order these 17 inch laptop bags online. We will make sure that your laptop bag is delivered as soon as possible, so that you can soon start using your stylish and practical bag. Delivery is always free, and if you’re not entirely satisfied, you can always return your bag free of charge.

Five tips to take care of your leather laptop bag

Leather has a long lifespan. If you treat this material well, your laptop bag will be good for years. We would like to give you some tips to properly take care of your leather laptop bag, so that you can enjoy your stylish Maes & Hills bag for years to come.

Spray the bag with an impregnating agent

There are special impregnating agents for leather. If you spray your leather bag with one of them, it creates an invisible layer of protection that protects your bag from humidity as well as superficial damage. Spray the bag thoroughly before use, and only start using your bag when the impregnating agent is completely dry. Many people only spray their leather bag when they first buy it. This is very important, but it’s also important to keep taking care of your bag. Don’t just spray your bag once: keep doing it. By spraying your bag once per one to three months, the protective layer will always be strong. This will not just protect your bag when it’s brand new, but also after many years.

Don’t take your bag out in heavy rain

A leather bag can withstand humidity, but not heavy rain. So if it’s raining hard, don’t take your bag outside, especially if you have to be out for a long period of time. If your bag becomes soaked, it is important to let it dry at room temperature. Don’t put your bag against a heater, because the heat will dehydrate the leather. Note: if your bag is soaked, the protective layer of the impregnating agent will have largely washed off. We advise you to reapply the agent when your bag has dried, and when the impregnating agent has dried, you can take your bag anywhere again.

Regularly lubricate your bag with leather salve

Even when regularly using an impregnating agent, leather may become dry. Dry leather doesn’t just look awful, it’s also more vulnerable. To reinvigorate dry leather, you can use a small amount of leather salve. Not too much, because then the leather will get soft and the bag will lose its shape. A small amount is enough to make your bag shine again. We advise you to lubricate your bag twice per year with a small amount of leather salve. If your bag gets dehydrated in the mean time, you can use more leather salve. For example, if your bag has been standing next to the heater for a while and the leather is dehydrated, it’s fine to use some leather salve.

Avoid direct sunlight

You’re on a nice terrace and the sun comes out. You don’t notice, but your leather laptop bag has been sitting in direct sunlight for a while. That’s not good, because the heat of the sun seriously dehydrates the leather. Put your bag in the shade, even if you’ll be at the terrace for only a short time. If your bag becomes dehydrated from the sun, use leather salve to reinvigorate it.

Take action when the leather becomes smudged

Even if you’re very careful with your bag, it may get stained. It is important to act correctly if a stain appears on your leather 17 inch laptop bag. For example, it is important to not rub too hard, because that may only make the stain harder to remove. It would be better to dab the spot with a clean cloth. If you do this immediately, you can largely remove the stain. If you let the stain dry, it will be way more difficult to remove, so it’s important to act quickly when the leather becomes smudged. If the stain is not gone completely after treatment, you can bring your bag to a specialist to have the stain removed. It is not always possible to remove a stain completely, but an expert can cover it up so that it is nearly invisible. What’s important to remember is that it’s not a good idea to use all kinds of cloths and leather applications yourself, because you would probably only make it worse.

Need a new laptop bag? Check out our 17 inch laptop bags

Do you need a new laptop bag and you want to buy a bag you can use for many years to come? Check out our range of 17 inch laptop bags and order your favourite. If you use the tips above to take care of your bag, your laptop bag will remain great for years. And because leather has a timeless look, your bag will always remain trendy. Do you need help ordering the right laptop bag? Feel free to contact us. We would love to hear what kind of bag you’re looking for so we can help you find your favourite 17 inch laptop bags. Then you choose which bag is best for you, and you can simply order it on our online webshop. When you’ve placed your order, we will deliver it as soon as possible, so that soon you can start using your 17 inch leather laptop bag and take your laptop anywhere you want.

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