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Whether it's a billfold, a purse or a wallet, everyone has one. You use your wallet every day and it shouldn't just be practical and have enough room for your money, bank cards and credit cards, but it also needs to be stylish.


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Eastpak wallet

Do you find a stylish design important when you are looking for a wallet? Or do you prefer a practical model? With our Eastpak wallets you always combine a beautiful design with functionality. Take a look at the possibilities of this sturdy and stylish American brand that uses sustainable materials. There are many sporty Eastpak wallets made of polyester, which fit well with the unbreakable backpacks of this brand. The wallets from Eastpak with a blue or black denim look are tough. You can choose from compact wallets with modest dimensions, such as the 11 x 9 cm models. This brand also has a small wallet for small change and wallets with larger dimensions in the collection. Eastpak is traditionally a bag specialist and therefore offers many purses with a shoulder strap, which you can wear safely around your body.

Eastpak Crew: beautiful and practical models

The most famous wallets from Eastpak are from the Crew series. These wallets come in various sizes, colors and prints. These Crew models look compact and slim, but are very extensive inside. They usually have multiple credit card slots, a handy zipper pocket for coins at the back and transparent pockets for your ID card or driving license. They are also provided with a key ring.

The advantages of a Cowboysbag wallet

You can store your money safely and conveniently in a Cowboysbag wallet. With this brand you also go for a reliable item that you carry with you for years. These are the plus points of our Cowboysbag wallets:

- Compact models with a contemporary look

- The Cowboysbag wallets have many subjects and sometimes also secret compartments - You can organize your bills, coins, debit cards and customer cards in all models

- Use of durable materials  

- A solid finish with good zippers and press stud closures

- Cowboysbag wallets always have a good price-quality ratio

This brand comes almost every season with new designs, the most well known Cowboysbag wallet for men is the Comet, for ladies the Cowboybag The Purse.

Shop your favorite Burkely Wallet at Maes & Hills Collection

At Maes & Hills we have wallets and purses from Burkely with a modest look for you, which are executed in stylish colors like black, cognac and brown. The advantage of high-quality leather is that it becomes more and more beautiful over time and last a long time. In addition, they are stylishly finished with leather details. Moreover, a Burkely wallet fits nicely with a Burkely bag in terms of color and style.

Buying a wallet: what do you pay attention to?

With a good wallet you do years or maybe even decades. Consider the following points when purchasing a new wallet:

- Are you looking for a model with a Velcro closure for extra safety?

- How many pockets for debit cards should the wallet have?

- Do you find it useful if there is a separate box for your identity card or driver's license? - Does the wallet have to have a ring that you can attach to a key chain?

- Do you want the wallet to fit with your backpack, work bag or travel baggage? Whatever color or style you are looking for, Maes & Hills has something for everyone. Take a look at the beautiful, sustainable models and enjoy your new Eastpak, Cowboysbag or Burkely wallet soon!

Ladies leather wallets and leather wallets for men

There is plenty to choose from when it comes to materials, colours and sizes, and leather wallets are still growing in popularity. A leather wallet will last for many years even when used extensively. Wallets for men are usually slim and can simply be kept in a jacket or trousers pocket. Many handbag designers design wallets for women that suit their handbag collection. There is a great range of styles to choose from. This page lists both leather ladies’ wallets and leather gentlemen’s wallets.

The advantages of a leather wallet

There are many types of wallet, every type made of its own unique material. We often advise our customers to buy a leather wallet, because they have various attractive advantages.

- Leather wallets stay nice

Many types of material suffer from heavy use. For example, fabric wallets start to look ugly and old after just a few months, and the same applies to many other types of material. Not so for leather, however: leather lives. The older it is, the nicer it looks. Heavy use also makes leather more flexible, which means that it only becomes easier to store your paper money, coins and cards in your wallet the longer you use it.

- Leather wallets are durable

Leather is much more durable than other materials. If you buy a leather wallet at Maes & Hills, you can be certain you can use it for many years to come. Maybe you might sometimes want to maintain it to increase the lifespan, but often you don’t even need to. Leather is very strong

- Another advantage of leather is that it is a very strong material. Materials such as cotton and imitation leather are often quick to tear, but leather often won’t even after years of use. Leather also won’t show as much wear and tear. If a scratch appears on your wallet, it’s often difficult to tell. What’s more, you can have scratches removed with a special care product.

- Leather looks classy

Lastly, a leather wallet also just looks classy. The material leather is associated with style and luxury. Wallets are often bought along with purses or briefcases so you always look stylish.

Taking care of a leather wallet, 3 tips

You don’t actually need to take care of a leather wallet. Although leather purses might require some maintenance, leather wallets are exposed less to certain weather conditions, such as rain, so they need little to no maintenance. If you still want to take care of your leather wallet, we’d like to give you a few tips to do it right. With the tips below you’ll enjoy your Maes & Hills leather wallet for even longer.

Tip 1: spray your wallet before use You always spray a leather bag with an impregnating agent before use, but few people do so for their leather wallets. It’s not as relevant as for a bag, because your wallet isn’t exposed as much to sunlight and rain, but it’s not a bad idea to spray your wallet before use. Take the right impregnating agent and follow the instructions on the package to apply it to your wallet. Leave your wallet out to dry in the open air or a well-ventilated room before putting it away. If your wallet becomes exposed to, say, rain, it might be a good idea to spray it more often. If you have a large leather ladies’ wallet that you also use as a purse, especially, using an impregnating agent might be an good idea.

Tip 2: buy the right care product You can take care of leather with a special care product. If you want to use a care product for your leather Maes & Hills wallet, it is important to choose the right product. Wrong products may damage your wallet. Find out what type of leather your wallet is made of and buy a care product created specifically to maintain this type of leather. Follow the instructions on the package to be certain that you use it correctly.

Tip 3: be conscious of damage Leather doesn’t tear, and other damage will also be quite rare. However, your leather wallet may still be damaged, for example as a result of yanking the leather or an accident. If the leather is damaged, it is important to act quickly. Bring your wallet to a specialist and let them inspect the leather. By taking the right steps in time, you can prevent the leather from being damaged permanently and becoming unusable. Good to know: stains on the leather can usually be removed as well, even persistent stains. You can try to do so yourself, but we would advise you to bring your wallet to an expert if it’s stained. An expert will know exactly which care product works best to remove the stain. Scratches can also be removed in this way, and if the scratch isn’t too deep, it’ll disappear completely when using the right care product.

Different types of wallet

Everyone has their own unique demands and wishes when buying a new wallet. We understand that like no other. To make sure you can order a perfect wallet at Maes & Hills we sell different types of wallets, from small to large, in many different colours from black to many subtle and stylish shades of brown. On this page you can find leather ladies’ and gentlemen’s wallets. If you’re looking for a nice leather ladies’ wallet, use the filters to the left to find your favourite wallet. But you can also use these filters if you’re looking for a gentlemen’s wallet.


Maes & Hills only sells wallets of a perfect quality that will give you years of joy. These wallets are designed and developed by the renowned brands Burkely, The Bridge and Cowboysbag.


Cowboysbag is a Dutch brand that has been specialising for years in the design and production of purses and leather wallets. The brand represents class and craftsmanship, and it’s not hard to see that when you look at a Cowboysbag wallet.

The Bridge

The Bridge is an Italian brand that has been specialising for years in the design and production of elegant purses, briefcases, travel bags and wallets. The products of The Bridge have a true Italian design and are made of the best materials out there, as you would expect from authentic Italian leather goods. What’s very impressive is the shining finish of the leather accessories of The Bridge, which combines beautifully with the classic shapes of this leather goods brand.


This renowned, Dutch brand has been making beautiful purses and wallets for more than 30 years. The leather and all materials are carefully selected to protect the high quality norms of the company. By browsing through the wallets on this page, you’ll eventually find an item that meets your demands. Because we only sell high-quality products, we guarantee that your choice will bring you many years of enjoyment. Tip: you can use the filters on the left to look for specific brands. For example, if you only want to see products of The Bridge, you can.

Leather ladies’ wallets

Are you looking for a leather ladies’ wallet? Then you’ve come to the right place at Maes & Hills. Our range includes multiple wallets designed and developed specifically for women customers. The wallets are reliable, sturdy and high-quality, but look stylish and luxurious nevertheless. And since many women like to carry large wallets with them, most leather ladies’ wallets are large. All leather Laes & Hills ladies’ wallets have a high quality. The wallets don’t just look nice: they are also incredibly durable. Even if you use your wallet very extensively and carry it with you every day, you can be sure to enjoy it for years to come. What’s also good to know is that leather doesn’t become uglier the more it’s used: it only becomes more beautiful. Your leather wallet will only be more stunning in a couple of years! That’s certainly something to look forward to. Take a look at the wallets on this page to find the perfect item for you. If you’re looking for a wallet that would be perfect with your purse, use the filters to the left to indicate which colour your new wallet should be. Select the same colour as your purse and you will see all wallets that would be a perfect match. You can simply and quickly order your favourite wallet in our online shop.

Leather gentlemen’s wallets

Most men have leather wallets. Not just because leather looks stylish and classy, but also because it’s a very durable material. If you buy your leather gentlemen’s wallet with Maes & Hills, you can be certain to enjoy it for years. Leather hardly ever tears, it’s not very sensitive to wear and tear, and the years will only make it more beautiful instead of uglier. Leather is alive, which means that it becomes more beautiful when used extensively. And on top of that a leather wallet just looks classy. On this page you can see all our leather wallets. If you want to see only leather gentlemen’s wallets, use the filter to the left to indicate this. If you want to buy a certain colour wallet, that’s no problem, because Maes & Hills sells wallets in various colours. You can also use the filters to the left to look for wallets of a certain colour. No matter what wallet you buy from Maes & Hills, you will always have a high-quality item with a long lifespan.

Buying a leather wallet at Maes & Hills

Do you need a new wallet? Order your wallet from Maes & Hills. If you order your wallet on a workday before 5 p.m., it will be shipped the same day. At Maes & Hills you will always have 30 days’ time to return your wallet if you’re not entirely happy with it after all. You can pay for your leather wallet in various ways at Maes & Hills. For example, you can pay afterwards, but also before shipping. What’s more, if you pay in advance you will receive a discount! Maes & Hills would love to help you buy a leather wallet that meets all your demands and expectations. Feel free to contact us, say what kind of wallet you are looking for and we will help you find the perfect wallet.

Want to know more? Contact us

Do you want to know more about our leather wallets or do you have another question about a specific item in our range? Feel free to contact us and we’d love to help by answering your question. You can also contact us if you want to know more about the advantages of a leather wallet or about taking care of a leather wallet. We are true leather experts and we can tell you more about the advantages of this material as well as the best way to keep it in perfect condition. And we’re also there for you if you need help placing an order. We would love to support you in the ordering process of Maes & Hills, so that you can quickly order your favourite wallet. Are you looking for a way to store your cards, paper money and coins in a practical, stylish and high-quality manner? Just take a look at the leather wallets on this page and order your favourite leather wallet for ladies or gentlemen. Before you know it your beautiful leather wallet will arrive at your home, ready for use. We guarantee that you can enjoy your new wallet for years to come!