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Eastpak wallets

Do you find a stylish design important when you are looking for a wallet? Or do you prefer a practical model? With our Eastpak wallets you always combine a beautiful design with functionality. Take a look at the possibilities of this sturdy and stylish American brand that uses sustainable materials.


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Wallets from Eastpak

There are many sporty Eastpak wallets made of polyester, which fit well with the unbreakable backpacks of this brand. In addition, there are beautiful leather wallets from Eastpak, which are made in the same style as the beautiful leather laptop backpacks. Also the wallets from Eastpak with a blue or black denim look are tough and completely from now on. You can choose from compact wallets with modest dimensions, such as the 11 x 9 cm models. This brand also has a small wallet for small change and portfolios with larger dimensions in the collection. Eastpak is traditionally a bag specialist and therefore offers many purses with a shoulder strap, which you can wear safely around your body.

Crew and Drew: beautiful and practical models

The most famous wallets from Eastpak are from the Crew and Drew series. These wallets come in various sizes, colors and prints and have both polyester and leather versions. If you are looking for a polyester model, there are basic Drew models with sufficient card holders for your cards and a pocket with a press stud for your change. If you are going for a leather wallet from Eastpak, a triple wallet with a Velcro closure is a good choice. These Crew models look compact and slim, but are very extensive inside. They usually have multiple credit card slots, a handy zipper pocket for coins at the back and transparent pockets for your ID card or driving license. They are also provided with a key ring.

Eastpak: authentic brand since 1952

Eastpak started making backpacks for the army in the middle of the last century in America. These extremely strong bags of canvas were also popular with students, who were able to use them well for their books. Since then, the brand has developed a unique, authentic style. With the help of well-known fashion designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier, special versions of the classic backpack are also regularly on the market. For decades, Eastpak has been the specialist in the field of sturdy trolleys, leather bags, school supplies and accessories in modern styles. You can go for this brand for a timeless brown leather wallet, but also for a sporty Eastpak wallet with a camouflage print. All Eastpak wallets and bags are 'built to resist', in other words made to take a beating and to last a long time.

The advantages of an Eastpak wallet

You can store your money safely and conveniently in an Eastpak wallet. With this brand you also go for a reliable item that you carry with you for years. These are the plus points of our Eastpak wallets: - Compact models with a contemporary look - The Eastpak wallets have many subjects and sometimes also secret compartments - You can organize your bills, coins, debit cards and customer cards in all models - Use of durable materials such as leather and polyester - A solid finish with good zippers and press stud closures - Some of the models have a sturdy Velcro closure - Eastpak wallets always have a good price-quality ratio - This brand comes every season with new designs, colors, prints and special editions

Shop your favorite Eastpak wallet in the Maes & Hills collection

At Maes & Hills we have wallets and wallets from Eastpak with a modest look for you, which are executed in stylish colors like black, gray and brown. For example, look at a nice leather wallet from Eastpak, which is suitable for both ladies and gentlemen. The advantage of high-quality leather is that it becomes more and more beautiful over time. Do you have a sporty style and do you prefer plastic instead of leather, then a polyester wallet from Eastpak is a good choice. These sturdy polyester models are water-repellent and last a long time. In addition, they are stylishly finished with leather details.

Buying a wallet: what do you pay attention to?

With a good wallet you do years or maybe even decades. Consider the following points when purchasing a new wallet:

- Are you looking for a model with a Velcro closure for extra safety?

- How many pockets for debit cards should the wallet have?

- Do you find it useful if there is a separate box for your identity card or driver's license?

- Does the wallet have to have a ring that you can attach to a key chain?

- Do you want the wallet to fit with your backpack, work bag or travel baggage?

Whatever color or style you are looking for, Eastpak has something for everyone. View the beautiful, sustainable models at Maes & Hills and enjoy your new Eastpak wallet soon!