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Cabin luggage

Cabin luggage

Are you looking for a suitcase with a compact size for a short vacation? Then a cabin luggage bag might be something for you! In most cases you can keep your suitcase with you on board of the aircraft, so you no longer have to wait at the baggage claim! It is wise to check what the maximum dimensions for cabin luggage are, before leaving to the airport! We are not liable if your cabin luggage is refused due to the dimensions. Do you plan to take a plane and are you still looking for a suitable suitcase? Then a cabin luggage suitcase is a very good option. These lightweight cabin luggage cases are often smaller than other types of luggage. Most cabin luggage suitcases have wheels so you can easily pull them behind you. First check with the airline the dimensions for cabin luggage size to be sure that your cabin luggage bag is


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Cabin luggage size

A cabin luggage suitcase is specially designed to take with you on the plane. Thanks to the smaller size, the suitcase does not take up much space and you can take it with ease. The models with wheels and a pull-out handle can be pulled behind you. This costs much less energy than a suitcase that you have to lift. Cabin luggage size suitcases are available in hard shell and soft shell. With a hard shell, your belongings are better protected. With a soft exterior it is easier to put extra things in your suitcase, it is indeed more flexible. Most cabin luggage suitcases, such as the Eastpak Tranzshell, have several compartments with a zipper. The hard shell suitcases are often provided with packing straps. These parts make it easier to organize your case in a convenient way. You can put your clothes on the side of the packing straps while using the small zip pockets for important items. Each product description gives you an overview of the characteristics of each suitcase. Based on that information you can determine which suitcase is the most suitable for you. The maximum size and weight of an aircraft carry-on suitcase varies per airline. Low-cost airlines often apply stricter rules in order to save space and weight. So please check always the rules and restrictions of the airline company before purchasing a cabin luggage suitcase. It is not only the size, but also the weight that is being looked at. Previously you were often allowed to carry more than 10 kilos as cabin luggage, nowadays the maximum weight is often well under 10 kilos.


Best cabin luggage

When you travel, you might like to match your cabin luggage with your other suitcases. We have cabin luggage bags in various colors and sizes, such as the Eastpak Tranverz suitcase. Often there are cabin luggage bags or soft and hard suitcases in various sizes of particular suitcase lines, so you can easily find a suitcase matching your lightweight cabin luggage.

This type of suitcase is mainly used for short trips (3 to 4 days) and just perfect for city trips and weekend breaks.

55x40x20 cabin luggage

When you take a plane, please always check the restrictions on cabin luggage of the airline company. Each airline has its own rules and restrictions regarding the maximum dimensions of cabin luggage and the maximum weight. There is a lot of overlap, in general the rules are the strictest for budget travel (small dimensions and low in weight). Tip: with a suitcase with dimensions within the IATA standard (55 x 35 x 20 cm) you are in good hands with many companies. IATA stands for International Air Transport Association. Many companies are affiliated with this. You can find the most convenient cabin luggage bag at Maes & Hills Collection. Perfect to take with you for a city trip or weekend away. Especially when you go by plane, you save time and money (on extra baggage costs). 

Lightweight cabin luggage

In our web shop you will find cabin luggage bags made of different materials. In general, you can categorize cabin luggage suitcases in hard and soft cases. Are you looking for maximum protection? Then we would advise you buy a hard shell suitcase. Do you prefer more flexibility and lightweight? Then please take a look at our range of soft suitcases. The majority of the hard shell suitcases, such as Eastpak Tranzshell, are made of ABS, polycarbonate or polypropylene. All the different materials have their own characteristics. ABS is the most scratch-resistant, polycarbonate is a lightweight and polypropylene rock-solid. Most soft cases are made of polyester or nylon. These materials are flexible and very light.