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Weekend bags

Leather weekend bag

If you like travelling, beautiful leather and a unique style, a leather weekend bag is an essential accessory. On this page you can find your weekend bags for gentlemen and ladies with a functional design and natural elegance. Enjoy the timeless beauty of leather and make your trip even better with a nice leather weekend bag.


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A distinctive leather weekend bag

When it comes to bags and fashion, you like subdued design and sturdy, long-lived materials. Leather becomes more beautiful the older it is, and you like the authentic air it exudes. In time a leather bag will become more and more distinctive, creating a unique item. The quality of a leather weekend bag or travel bag is an important feature. You don’t just buy a leather bag like that: you want to be able to use it for years to come. So you’re looking for a sturdy bag made with craftsmanship. The bag should be able to survive rough trips. A good zip, a sturdy shoulder strap and comfortable handles are also important.

Leather weekend bags for gentlemen

With a leather weekend bag from our collection you finish every casual and stylish look nicely. Our bags have been designed and crafted with much passion, which becomes obvious when you look at the finish of these bags. Every detail was subjected to serious scrutiny and as a result, our leather weekend bags for gentlemen are not just nice to look at, but also practical and comfortable to use. Our collection of leather weekend bags for gentlemen includes bags by The Bridge. You can store everything you need for a weekend trip or a short holiday in these bags. If you take a version with zip compartment, you’ll have a useful area for things you want to have at hand. Our leather weekend bags for gentlemen are made of Italian cow leather and have sturdy handles so that you can comfortably carry the bag.

Leather weekend bag for ladies

Do you love beautiful bags and do you like to always have a suitable bag to match your outfit? It might not be a bad idea to buy a leather weekend bag for ladies. When you’re travelling, you want to look your best, and with a leather bag you’ll definitely exude style and elegance. For example, take a leather weekend bag for ladies by Maes & Hills. This brand has weekend bags made of beautiful, supple leather. You can wear them over the shoulder or in your hand. Because the Italian leather is of high quality, the bag will only become more beautiful over time, thanks to the unique features that the leather obtains.

Buying a leather weekend bag: points of attention

Do you want to buy a leather weekend bag for ladies or gentlemen? You’ll no doubt have plenty of demands for your new bag. Keep the following things in mind: - Which size do you need to store all your things? - Are you looking for a leather weekend bag with handles or straps? - Does the bag have a detachable shoulder strap? - How big is the main compartment? - Do you want to have extra compartments or zip compartments? - Do you want to bring the bag on flights as hand luggage?

Nice leather weekend bag of high-quality leather

We use the best types of leather for our leather weekend bags for gentlemen and for ladies. Leather is a great material for a bag, because it’s a natural material. Every bag is different, because the skins used are different. Tanning makes the leather quite strong, making it the ideal material for a bag that protects your personal items properly. Our collection includes high-quality designer bags made of Italian cow leather. Thanks to their elegant look, these bags will always remain fashionable and stylish for any occasion. A leather bag is perfect for many different tastes and styles, from rough to classic, chic and vintage.

Colours, details and finish

We have various leather weekend bags for ladies and gentlemen in neutral colours such as black and brown that you can combine well with your clothing. The advantage of shades of brown and cognac is that they are timeless and modern at the same time. If you like a classic look, pick a bag with a shiny finish. For ladies we also have bags in fashionable colours such as taupe and burgundy. If a bag has one or more compartments on the outside, you can store your phone or wallet there. A zip compartment on the inside is also useful to safely store your valuable items. Our range includes bags with a beautiful finish on the inside. Lastly, the size is often suitable to bring along on flights as hand luggage.

Varied collection

Our collection offers both leather weekend bags for ladies and bags for gentlemen. With brands like Maes & Hills and The Bridge, you can always find a bag that meets all your demands and that stands out with its nice design and practical layout. The use of high-quality leather creates a beautiful, classy look. And because these bags last many years, they’re also good when it comes to sustainability. Be inspired by our range for a leather weekend bag for gentlemen with a shiny finish. A neutral colour like brown, cognac or brandy is practical and can be combined well with various fashion styles. The leather weekend bags for ladies in colours such as grey, taupe or black are perfect if you like to look trendy. But a weekend bag in a fashionable colour such as burgundy is also an amazing eye-catcher.

Exclusive brands in leather weekend bags gentlemen and ladies

Maes & Hills has its own collection of Italian bags made in small workshops in Tuscany. This range consists of bags that reflect the latest trends every season. This makes the range interesting for fashion-conscious gentlemen and ladies who like to be up-to-date with their new bag, work bag or travel bag. The Bridge is an Italian brand from Florence that has been making leather bags since 1969. The leather weekend bags for gentlemen by this label are vegetable-tanned in Italy and crafted partly by hand by expert craftsmen. For these made-in-Italy products they always select the highest quality leather. This famous brand offers leather weekend bags that are polished and wonderfully shiny.

Taking care of the leather

Of course our robust leather weekend bags for gentlemen and the elegant leather bags for ladies need some maintenance from time to time. Follow the maintenance instructions of the bag and read our tips for leather bag maintenance. It is often a good idea to treat your bag with a spray that protects the leather from humidity and dirt immediately after purchasing. Repeat this spray treatment every year to keep your bag well-protected. Leather is vulnerable to bright sunlight and heat. Make sure that your leather weekend bag isn’t out in sunlight or rain too much, and don’t place it near a burning heater. If you need to clean your bag, just use a clean, damp cloth. If your bag was soaked by rain, leave it to dry in the air. This ensures that you’ll be able to enjoy your bag for many years to come!