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Laptop bags 13"

13 inch laptop bag

Maes & Hills has a wide variety of brands, sizes, colours and models of laptop bags. If you have a 13 inch laptop or tablet, you need a good laptop bag. Be inspired by our top brands - you won't find them more affordable anywhere else! Order a leather laptop bag that fits your computer perfectly, offers optimal protection and guarantees you don't have to worry when you're on the road with your laptop.


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The importance of a good laptop bag

If you bring your laptop with you on a regular basis, for example to meetings, appointments or on holidays, it is important to properly protect your laptop and store it safely. Don’t use a normal handbag or backpack; use a bag that’s designed specifically to store laptops. If you transport your laptop in a 13 inch laptop bag, you can be certain that the machine won’t break. Are you looking for some extra protection for your laptop or tablet? Pick a bag with a padded compartment to keep your laptop securely in place so that it is protected perfectly from bumps or scratches when travelling. A 13 inch laptop bag is designed specifically to store and transport a 13 inch laptop. The bag is perfect for the size of your laptop, which means that the laptop bag can offer the best protection available. If you use a bag that’s too big to transport your laptop, the machine may shift during transport. This may damage the laptop, even if it’s a high-quality bag. Always buy a bag of the right size, which is the same size as your laptop.

The advantages of a leather laptop bag

There are many different types of laptop bags available. These bags don’t just have different sizes, but are also made of different materials. We always tell our customers to buy leather bags. This material has various advantages. Leather is timeless Leather has been used for decades to make bags, and with good reason. It is a timeless material. In the 1950s businessmen started using leather briefcases, and since then leather bags have only become more popular – not just among businessmen, but everywhere. If you buy a leather 13 inch laptop bag, you can be certain it is still just as trendy many years from now. Leather is always good Leather is a versatile material, which means that it looks good with almost anything. You can combine leather well with other types of leather (for example, by carrying your leather laptop bag on a leather jacket), but also with cotton, polyester, and many more. Whatever outfit you’re wearing: your Maes & Hills leather laptop bag will always look good. Leather is durable There are few materials that are as durable as leather. Actually, leather will only become more beautiful over time. A new leather bag usually doesn’t have much of a character, but a leather bag that’s several years old has a very characteristic look. While bags made of materials such as cotton and polyester need to be replaced every few years, leather bags will last much longer. Even if you’ve been using your leather 13 inch laptop bag for more than ten years, it’ll still look great. The bag will actually be more beautiful than those found in stores. Leather doesn’t damage easily Leather is an incredibly sturdy material. Even if you pull hard, the material won’t break easily. Scratches and other types of damage are also rare on leather. And if your leather laptop bag does have a scratch, it’s fairly easy to repair it by using the right care products. Stains can be removed in a similar way.

The difference between real leather and fake leather

If you want to buy a leather laptop bag, you’ll no doubt find out quickly that many stores also sell laptop bags made of fake leather. These laptop bags look like bags made of real leather, but there are a few important differences between the two materials. First, fake leather doesn’t look as natural as real leather. The material is much smoother and slicker: it doesn’t have much of a character. However, the most important difference between real and fake leather is that fake leather can’t breathe. This means that the material doesn’t adjust to the environment, which makes it more vulnerable to wear and tear. If you rub fake leather for a while, or wear fake leather bags in a certain way for a period of time, the material will eventually break. Real leather doesn’t have this problem. This type of material does adjust to the environment, so it won’t break down as easily, even if you have been using your laptop bag for many years. What’s more, real leather will actually start to look better the older it is, while fake leather only becomes uglier and is damaged more easily. If you want to buy a durable bag, buy a bag made of real leather.

The types of laptop bags of Maes & Hills

We believe it is important that everyone can buy the perfect laptop bag in our online shop. That’s why we sell various types of laptop bags. All bags on this page are made for 13 inch laptops, which means that your 13 inch laptop will fit perfectly. Every leather 13 inch laptop bag on this page is unique. Maes & Hills sells bags of various models, but also of various colours. You can buy backpacks for your laptop as well as professional laptop bags, ranging from red laptop bags to laptop bags with a subtle shade of brown. Do you need a bag for your 13 inch laptop? Take a look at the bags on this page and find a laptop bag that meets your demands and is affordable. You can simply order your bag online at Maes & Hills.

Laptop bags of renowned brands

Maes & Hills only sells brands of perfect quality. These bags are made by renowned brands that have been making leather bags for years and that have gained a great reputation. One brand you’ll come across on this page is The Bridge. This brand makes stylish and practical leather laptop bags, all of which will last for years. The products of The Bridge have an Italian design through and through and are made of the best materials, as you’d expect from authentic Italian leather products. The Bridge only uses high-quality cow leather when producing briefcases and laptop bags. This leather originates from the tannery Il Gabbiano in Italy. What makes the leather of Il Gabbiano so unique is that the material only becomes more beautiful the longer you use the bag. Heavy use of a laptop bag by The Bridge for years will create nice folds in the cow leather, which give the bag a unique character. Our range also includes products of Piquadro. This Italian brand specialises in developing innovative business laptop bags. The Italian company hold various trademarks for the technical and functional innovations of their designs. Even the smallest detail has been researched and designed by a team of experienced, passionate and professional designers. All bags of Piquadro are practical, but they also look perfectly professional and stylish. The professional bags and accessories of Piquadro distinguish themselves by the high level of functionality and their powerful, unique design. This design radiates Italian elegance and originality. Piquandro uses the best materials, so all products have a long lifespan. Finally, we offer products by the Portuguese brand Marta Ponti. For more than 150 years this renowned brand has been making beautiful bags of vegetable-tanned Italian leather. The bags of Marta Ponti are finished by hand. The leather and all materials are selected carefully to protect the high quality norms of the brand. Although much has changed since its foundation in 1965, the tradition and artisanship of Marta Ponti lives on to this day. If you buy a Marta Ponti bag, you’ll be buying an exclusive, unique and stylish leather laptop bag.

Socha Businessbag 13 inch

Socha is one of the brands that we sell in our webshop. This German brand is known for its fashionable women's business bags. From the outside, you do not see that this bag is specially made as a business bag. The Socha models have, in addition to a laptop compartment, several compartments for storing your notepad and writing utensils, for example. In addition, you can easily take the 13 inch Socha Businessbag with you, because these bags have beside handles and a shoulder strap, a trolley loop. Very usefull when you go on a business trip! As mentioned, the bags are not only practical, but also very stylish. The Socha business bag 13 inch can also be brought along for dinner, an evening out or shopping.

Buying the perfect 13 inch laptop bag: 3 tips

A leather laptop bag will last for many years. We would like to help you buy the perfect bag. We do so by giving you three practical tips when buying a nice 13 inch laptop bag.

Tip 1: think about the colour

Maes & Hills sells laptop bags in various colours, ranging from subtle colours like black and brown to striking colours like red. We advise you to think carefully about the colour of your new laptop bag. Don’t just think about what colour you’d like for yourself, but also which colour might be best to combine with things in the long term. If you always wear black shoes and black accessories, such as a black belt, a black bag would probably be best. If you don’t really have any black clothing, shoes or accessories, but you wear a lot of brown, it’s better to buy a brown laptop bag. It’s best to buy a laptop bag that you can combine with as many outfits as possible. Take a critical look at the colours of your wardrobe and buy a laptop bag of a colour that suits that range.

Tip 2: check the layout of the bag

Some laptop bags have a simple layout with few compartments, while other bags have more and larger compartments. By checking what the compartments of your bag are like, you will find out if the bag suits your demands. Do you prefer a bag with multiple smaller and larger compartments for files, pen-holders and a phone? Then search for those kinds of bags specifically. If you think having many compartments is confusing, buy a bag with a clearer layout and just a few compartments.

Tip 3: determine what type of handles you like

Before buying a laptop, ask yourself how you want to carry the bag. You can carry it as a messenger bag, but you can also use the handles to take your bag everywhere. Most bags have a long shoulder strap and two handles, so that you can carry your bag in different ways. Would you prefer a backpack? Simply buy a laptop bag designed like a backpack. By determining in advance how you want to carry your bag, you can buy a bag that’s perfect for you.

Five tips to take care of your leather laptop bag

Leather has a long lifespan. If you treat this material well, your laptop bag will be good for years. We would like to give you some tips to properly take care of your leather laptop bag, so that you can enjoy your stylish Maes & Hills bag for years to come.

Tip 1: spray the bag with an impregnating agent

There are special impregnating agents for leather. If you spray your leather bag with one of them, it creates an invisible layer of protection that protects your bag from humidity as well as superficial damage. Spray the bag thoroughly before use, and only start using your bag when the impregnating agent is completely dry.

Tip 2: regularly lubricate your bag with leather salve

Even when regularly using an impregnating agent, leather may become dry. Dry leather doesn’t just look awful, it’s also more vulnerable. To reinvigorate dry leather, you can use a small amount of leather salve. Not too much, because then the leather will get soft and the bag will lose its shape. A small amount is enough to make your bag shine again. We advise you to lubricate your bag twice per year with a small amount of leather salve. If your bag gets dehydrated in the mean time, you can use more leather salve. For example, if your bag has been standing next to the heater for a while and the leather is dehydrated, it’s fine to use some leather salve.

Tip 3: don’t place your bag against a heater

Many people dry their leather bag by placing it near a heater. The heat of a heater will dry the bag, but it also dehydrates the leather. To avoid this, don’t place your bag near a heater. If your bag got soaked due to heavy rain, you can let it dry at room temperature.

Tip 4: avoid direct sunlight

Let’s say you’re on a nice terrace and the sun comes out. You don’t notice it, but your leather laptop bag has been sitting in direct sunlight for a while. That’s not good, because the heat of the sun seriously dehydrates the leather. Put your bag in the shade, even if you’ll be at the terrace for only a short time. If your bag becomes dehydrated from the sun, use leather salve to reinvigorate it.

Tip 5: continue to spray your bag

A mistake many people make is that they only spray their leather laptop bag with an impregnating agent directly after buying it. That’s a shame, because your bag always needs a good layer of protection. So keep spraying your leather bag. To protect your bag as well as possible, it’s best to spray it once per one or two months. If you use your bag every day, spray it once per month; if you use it a little less frequently, you don’t have to spray it that often. If you’ve used your bag in heavy rain, the protective layer of the impregnating agent may have washed off. Let your bag dry at room temperature and apply a new layer of impregnating agent. When it has dried, you can take your bag anywhere again, even if it’s raining.

Buy the perfect 13 inch laptop bag

Are you convinced by the many advantages of a leather laptop bag and are you ready to take proper care of your new bag according to the tips above? Take a look at our large range of leather 13 inch laptop bags on this page to find your perfect laptop bag. You can simply order it in our online shop. When you’ve placed your order, we will make sure that your laptop bag is delivered as soon as possible. Delivery is free, and if you’re not completely satisfied you can always return the bag free of charge. Before you know it, you can start using your stylish bag. And if you take proper care of it, you’ll be using it for many years!

Want to know more? Contact us

Do you want to know more about our range of 13 inch laptop bags? Feel free to contact us. We can answer all of your questions. If you want to know more about a specific 13 inch laptop bag on this page, you can also contact us. We’d love to tell you more about the high-quality, stylish bag for your laptop. Because our 13 inch laptop bags are high quality, you can enjoy your purchase for many years.