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Piquadro is a Italian brand specialized in designing and manufacturing innovative business bags and accessories. The business bags and accessories by Piquadro distinguish themselves through a high degree of functionality and their powerful, recognizable design. This design radiates Italian elegance and originality.


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Piquadro bags and accessories of high quality

Piquadro is an Italian brand and you can tell by the passion of the brand, but also by the creativity behind the products of Piquadro and the professional sense of style of the brand. In addition, Piquadro works exclusively with the best materials when manufacturing business bags and accessories, as an authentic Italian brand should. By using the best materials, all products by Piquadro have a longer service life.

Piquadro: Italian bags with a diligent design

The brand Piquadro does not simply produce bags and accessories. All the products of the brand are the result of a diligent design process. The Italian company has multiple patents for the technical and functional innovations in the designs. Even the smallest detail is researched and designed by a team of experienced, passionate and professional designers. If you buy a Piquadro bag, you are guaranteed to buy a product with a functional and stylish design based on extensive research and long design sessions.