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The Bridge

The Bridge bags

The Bridge is an Italian brand which has been specialized for years in designing and manufacturing elegant handbags, briefcases, travel bags and wallets. The products by The Bridge all have a typical Italian design and are also made of the best materials, as you may expect from authentic Italian leather articles. The shining finish of the leather accessories by The Bridge is very impressive and combines beautifully with the classic shapes of the leather articles by this brand.


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Timeless leather articles of Italian origin

The Bridge has multiple collections with stylish Italian handbags, briefcases, travel bags and wallets. All products by the Italian design have a timeless design. Soft, natural colours such as brown, cognac and caramel are part of the classic collections of the brand. And are you looking for a handbag which stands out a bit more? Then you could buy one of the elegant black handbags, briefcases or travel bags by The Bridge. If you are looking for a business bag, The Bridge is also the right place to look. The business bags by The Bridge are practical, but mostly very stylish and elegant. Thanks to the high quality cowhide of the business bags, these bags have a luxurious look.

Exclusive bags made of the best leather

The Bridge only uses high quality cowhide for the manufacturing of its handbags, briefcases, travel bags and wallets. This leather hails from the tannery Il Gabbiano in Italy. What makes the leather of Il Gabbiano so unique is that the material becomes more beautiful as the leather bag is used more. By frequently using a bag by The Bridge, you create beautiful folds in the cowhide. These folds give the bag a unique look. You can use your bag by The Bridge for years on end. Not only because the leather is of excellent quality, but definitely also because the leather actually becomes more beautiful the longer and more often you use your bag. While other bags wear away due to frequent use, the leather handbags, The Bridge briefcases, leather travel bags and The Bridge wallets only become more beautiful over the years.