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Who doesn't know the Kipling brand with the cute monkey? But besides the monkey, Kipling has much more to offer! The Kipling bags are practical and have both a stylish and cool look. This brand is popular in so many countries! Our range of Kipling bags is wide. At Maes & Hills, you will find trendy backpacks, handy hip bags, but certainly also shoulder bags and weekend bags!

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Kipling bags

In addition to robustness, functionality is also crucial for the development of new Kipling bags. For every woman and for every occasion there is a suitable bag in our assortment. A good example is the Kipling Multiple: a water-resistant hip and Kipling shoulder bag in one. Thanks to the easily adjustable straps, the transformation from hip bag to shoulder bag is done quickly. With five compartments for storing your belongings. You can store both your wallet and camera, change and all sorts of other things in the bag.

Buy Kipling backpack or Kipling shoulder bag at Maes & Hills

Kipling bags are available in various shapes and sizes. There are the famous Kipling school bag and Kipling handbag, but also Kipling suitcases and Kipling travel bags available. Are you looking for a nice Kipling backpack or a toiletry bag? Take a look at the Kipling accessories collection. Most Kipling products are made from recognizable Crincle Nylon and there are different models and colors available. There are many collections, so you can also order multiple bags within one collection. Are you looking for a Kipling travel bag or a Kipling diaper bag? A large bag or a smaller size? It is all possible in the wide range of Kipling bags at Maes & Hills. Kipling bags can actually be used for anything, whether it is a school bag, a bag to go to the city or a travel bag. There is always a bag available that completely fits your needs. Choose a black business bag or a beige backpack.

From Kipling suitcase to Kipling school bag

Kipling bags are created in consultation with promising young designers. The bags are sporty with a feminine look and ideal for everyday use. The bags are made of sturdy materials, which means they will last for years. Kipling believes it is important that the bags are functional. As a result, the bags have many handy storage compartments and carrying options. On our website you have a wide choice and you will always find the desired Kipling bag. In addition to this offer, Kipling also markets accessories such as toiletry bags, travel bags, school bags and make-up bags. So you can combine it and purchase a set. Certainly, the bright colors and fashionable prints can form surprising sets. Extra fun for a vacation for example!

Origin of the brand

Did you know that the Kipling brand originally came from Belgium? After the company became a premium brand in Belgium, a branch in the Netherlands was opened. This was followed by expansion to countries such as Italy and the United States. Although there are no brand locations there, the Kipling bags are sold there. But you don't have to go abroad for these bags, you can order the bags online just as easily at Maes & Hills.

Kipling: practical, timeless and casual

Our website has a wide and versatile collection of Kipling bags. Whether it is travel luggage, school bags, purses or cases, there is undoubtedly a favorite in the Kipling collection. But there's more. In addition to ladies' bags, Kipling's versatile, colorful assortment also includes business bags and suitcases. Practical, trendy and casual. That is how you can best describe the Kipling collection. Have fun shopping!