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Rolser shopping trolley, leading for more than 50 years!

The Spanish brand Rolser produces shopping trolleys in a sustainable way in its own factory in Pedreguer, Spain. More than 50 years of craftsmanship, innovation and attention to detail characterise the quality of Rolser shopping trolleys. With its modern design and trendy colours, it fits perfectly into the current street scene.
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The comfort of a Rolser shopping trolley

The Rolser shopping trolleys have a super-light but robust aluminium frame and are also stable thanks to the additional support at the front. The smooth-running wheels and ergonomic handle ensure that you can easily do your shopping at the supermarket or market. When you come home from shopping, you can simply fold up the Rolser shopping trolley and stow it away. So avoid backache or straining your arms by lugging heavy bags, but opt for the comfort of a Rolser shopping trolley.