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Suitcase trolleys

With a suitcase trolley bag, luggage can easily be taken along during the journey. Thanks to the telescopic rod and wheels, a big trolley suitcase is not only easier to take with you, it also ensures that you don’t need to carry your heavy suitcase. Suitcase trolleys are available with two and four wheels. A suitcase trolley with four wheels is not only easier to carry with you but can also easily ride alongside you. Looking for a suitcase trolley for holidays or a business trip? At Maes & Hills a wide range of suitcase trolleys is available in various colors and sizes.


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Material suitcase trolley

The first thing you may look at is the material. A suitcase trolley is available as a soft shell, but also as a hard shell. For a bus trip or traveling by car, we recommend a soft shell, because these are light and easier to transport in the trunk. For a trip by plane or by train, we recommend a hard shell, because your belongings would be better protected. Hard shells are increasingly provided with a zipper. This allows the suitcases to absorb more weight from outside and the locks will not be destroyed. In addition, suitcases are becoming lighter and more durable. Materials used for hard shell suitcases are almost unbreakable! Are you traveling to the USA? Remember that the suitcase must be equipped with a TSA (number) lock. A trolley suitcase from Eastpak comes standard with a TSA lock. The equipment of a high-quality suitcase trolley nowadays is excellent: many separate compartments and inner pockets ensure a perfect organization of your belongings in a small space. Cross bands and partitions prevent your stuff from becoming entangled. Some suitcase models even offer removable partitions. However, practical functions such as wet compartments or laptop compartments are not available in all models. Take always a look at the specifications.

Buying a suitcase trolley bag at Maes & Hills

For a trolley koffer suitcase, you are certainly at the right place at Maes & Hills. We offer a wide range of suitcase trolleys for everyone. Do you have any questions, or do you want to know more about a specific product? Then our expert customer service will be happy to help you. A suitcase trolley is the perfect companion to join you on a trip. The choice of the size, soft or hard shell depends on how long you travel. We recommend a S model for hand luggage or for a short trip. These trolley suitcases have a maximum height of 56 centimeters. Do you want to make sure that your trolley is allowed in the cabin of the aircraft? Check this information with your airline! We recommend M for a journey of 1-2 weeks. We recommend L for a journey of 2-3 weeks.

Eastpak Tranverz

Looking for a suitcase trolley for a city trip to a European destination or just for a couple of days away? Then the trolley suitcase is probably the suitcase that suits you! The trolley suitcases Eastpak Tranverz L and Eastpak Tranverz M is a good alternative. These are spacious and large enough for the indispensable things you need during a vacation or city trip. Keep your travel guide ready, because with a trolley you are always ready to go on a trip.

An extensive range of trolley suitcases

What does a trolley suitcase actually mean? In fact, trolley suitcases are suitcases on wheels with a telescopic rod, making it very easy to walk around quickly and pull the trolley behind you. The big difference with classic suitcases is the size: a trolley is a vertical rectangle and not a horizontal one. The big advantage of a trolley on two or four wheels is that the weight rests almost entirely on the wheels and the trolley can therefore be maneuverer particularly well. Suitcase trolleys with 2 wheels are very stable and do not slip away if you travel by train for example. A spinner trolley is a trolley with 4 wheels that you can turn even easier. Some modern trolleys even support a 360-degree mobility and are easy to carry even when fully packed. Reduce your stress while traveling and choose your new suitcase trolley from our range at maeshillscollection.com. From a soft-shell trolley with 2 wheels to an hard shell trolley with 4 wheels.

Eastpak trolley Tranzshell

At Maes & Hills Collection we offer an extensive range of trolleys available in all sizes, colors and materials from various top brands. Trolleys are available in different sizes, colors and prints. There is also an extensive range of trolleys available as hand luggage. Always check the permitted hand baggage sizes of the airline company. There are strict requirements today and the size can vary per airline. In addition to Eastpak Tranverz M, we also have Eastpak Tranzshell medium in our range. Whether you opt for a hard or soft trolley, with two or four wheels: A trolley suitcase provides great ease of use and is the perfect travel companion.

Which suitcase trolley bag do you choose?

You can select a suitcase trolley on many features. A final feature that matters is the wheels. You can buy a suitcase trolley with 2 wheels, but also with 4 wheels. With a suitcase trolley with two wheels, the wheels are partly integrated in the suitcase. This way they are protected. In addition, this suitcase trolley will not roll away if you are in a train. A suitcase trolley with 4 wheels, on the other hand, is manoeuvrable and easy to pull.

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Because of the big range of suitcase trolleys, we can imagine that you don’t know which suitcase trolley to choose. Check the size, soft or hard shell and other specifics to make the right choice. Do you have a question about a specific suitcase trolley, such as Eastpak Tranverz, or do you need any help? Please feel free to contact us via email. We are happy to help you!