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Leather travel bags

Leather travel bag

Of course you can bring a suitcase when travelling, but you could also store your things in a leather travel bag. Maes & Hills has beautiful leather travel bags of various sizes, for holidays or weekend trips with your friends or family. You can see our complete range of stylish bags on this page.


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The leather travel bag: practical and stylish

More and more people are looking for alternatives to the suitcase when travelling, and the alternative many of them find is the leather travel bag. And with good reason. You can fill up a bag to the brim, and the supple leather of these bags allows it to be stuffed easily in car boots or aeroplane or train luggage compartments. These bags also have plenty of additional zips and compartments so that you can comfortably access your important documents or other things. Some bags also have a detachable shoulder strap to keep your hands free. A leather travel bag is not just spacious and practical, but also looks incredibly stylish. The outfit of the fashionable man isn’t truly finished unless he has a good bag! If you’re wearing this bag, you’ll look perfectly stylish.

The advantages of a leather travel bag

All Maes & Hills bags are made of high-quality leather. The travel bags you see on this page are also made of high-end leather. This material has various advantages. First of all, leather is durable. The older leather is, the better it actually looks. Old leather has a strong, characteristic look that many people like. Other types of material become uglier the older they are, but not leather. If you’re travelling much, it is important to buy a travel bag that’s made of a sturdy material, such as leather. If you take your bag with you on an aeroplane, a train or a full car, you don’t have to worry about it breaking. Because leather is so sturdy, it can withstand much. Finally, leather just exudes style and luxury. If you think it’s important to look good, a leather travel bag is definitely something for you.

Taking care of your leather travel bag

A leather travel bag lasts for years, but you do have to take care of the leather. First of all, it is important to spray the leather with an impregnating agent before you start using the bag. If you use your bag regularly, be sure to spray it regularly. If you do so, the protective layer of the impregnating agent will always be strong enough to protect the material from damage. It’s also important to act correctly when the leather becomes stained. Don’t rub a stain into the leather; try to dab it off gently. You can also use a special leather agent to remove the stain completely, as long as you don’t rub the stain into the leather. Finally, it’s better to keep your leather travel bag away from heat sources. Leather can’t deal well with heat. If it becomes too hot, the leather becomes dehydrated and little tears will appear. If your leather bag is dehydrated, you can treat the material with a special leather salve.

Various types of leather travel bags

Maes & Hills sells various types of leather travel bags. What these bags have in common is that they all have a great quality. If you buy a leather travel bag with Maes & Hills, you can be certain to enjoy it for years to come. And thanks to the high quality of the leather, the bags also look beautiful and very stylish. You can view our complete range of leather travel bags on this page.

Bags by renowned brands

We believe it is important to only sell high-quality products in our online shop. Maes & Hills only represents bags by renowned brands, such as The Bridge. This Italian brand doesn’t just sell leather bags with beautiful designs, but also makes sure that all its bags are made of the best leather out there. Not just because the leather is of such high quality, but also because the leather only becomes more beautiful the longer you use your bag. Other bags suffer from the wear and tear of use, but leather travel bags by The Bridge only get more beautiful over time. What’s also impressive is the shining finish of the leather accessories of The Bridge, which can be combined beautifully with the classical forms of the leather bags of this brand. The travel bags of The Bridge are designed to store many things. In addition, these bags have a couple of useful zip compartments. If you buy a bag by The Bridge, you can be certain to buy a stylish and high-quality bag. If you take good care of this bag, you’ll be able to enjoy it for dozens of beautiful trips. With proper care your Maes & Hills leather travel bag will stay good for years.

Buying a leather travel bag for gentlemen

Maes & Hills sells leather travel bags for gentlemen, which means travel bags with a rough look. After all, fashionable men are seen more and more often with leather travel bags. These bags are practical and can be combined easily with your own style. The travel bags for gentlemen have all conveniences you need, such as extra internal or external compartments to store your phone, diary or other essentials.

Want to know more? Contact us

Do you want to know more about our range of stylish and practical leather travel bags? Contact us. We can answer all your questions, and we’d love to tell you more about the items in our online range. If you’ve found your perfect leather travel bag on this page, you can simply order it online. We will make sure that your stylish and practical bag is delivered to you as soon as possible. If you’re travelling soon, you can bring your stylish new bag along!