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Leather bum bag

A leather bum bag is small, but it stores a lot. If you don't like big, heavy bags, a leather bum bag might be the bag for you. Maes & Hills sells practical and stylish bum bags made of leather. This page shows you our bags.


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Small and practical: the leather bum bag

A leather bum bag is much smaller than a handbag, a shoulder bag, a backpack or a travel bag. The golden rule for using a bum bag is to only bring what you really need. Still, the leather bum bag is very practical. The big advantage of the bum bag is the accessibility of your belongings. You can use the bum bag to store your wallet, your phone and your keys, for example. And since the bag isn’t too big, you don’t have to worry about bringing too many things. A leather bum bag will never be heavy. No weight dragging you down! If you’re going shopping, the leather bum bag is perfect to bring along. And because the bag is strapped to your waist, you don’t have to hold it in your hand all the time. This way, you can use both hands to carry your shopping bags! You can also bring the leather bum bag on city trips, hikes or holidays. Simply put your luggage in a suitcase or travel bag and keep your wallet, passport, phone, travel documents and travel guide safely in your leather bum bag. A bum bag is also useful for a camera: you’ll always have the camera at hand and it’s easy to store it. Many photographers love a good bum bag, and the bag is also popular among skiers and cyclists.

The advantages of a bum bag

More and more people buy bum bags, and with good reason. This bag model has several advantages that other bags don’t have. First of all, a leather bum bag can never be too heavy to carry, simply because it doesn’t have that much space. Especially when you’re travelling all day, it’s nice to have a light bag that stores all your belongings. A bum bag is also very pleasant to wear. You don’t have to keep it in your hand or carry it over your shoulder: you simply wear it around your waist. This also gives a feeling of security, especially when you’re travelling. All your important belongings are around your waist. When you’re used to it, you don’t even feel the bag anymore. And it’s quick and easy to take something from your leather bum bag. Finally, a bum bag is very trendy. A few years back this bag had all but disappeared from the streets, but now the bum bag is back. If you’re wearing a leather bum bag, it shows you’re keeping up with the latest fashion trends.

A leather bum bag: stylish, sturdy and durable

All Maes & Hills bum bags are made of leather. And not just any leather: only the best is good enough. You can see this in the look of the bag, but also in the quality of your leather bum bag. Leather bum bags don’t just look stylish, they’re also incredibly sturdy. This is what makes the material very durable. If you buy a leather bum bag, you’ll be guaranteed to enjoy it for many years to come. What’s more, this type of material only becomes more beautiful the older it is. If you’ve had your leather bum bag for a few years, it only becomes more beautiful. This is not the case for materials such as cotton and fake leather: these types of materials become uglier when used often, and they break sooner.

What more should you pay attention to?

It is important to have at least one big compartment to store slightly larger items. One or multiple separate smaller compartments and/or a sealable compartment are also useful to store small or valuable items. What’s also very important is the straps to make sure the bag doesn’t swing around and hinder you.

Bags of the best leather

Maes & Hills only sells bags of high-quality leather. This leather doesn’t just look beautiful, it’s also extremely sturdy. Do you want to buy a bag you can safely use for many years? You’ve come to the right place. Even if you use your bum bag made of leather every day, you can be sure to enjoy this stylish accessory for many years. And this doesn’t just apply to our bum bags, but to all bags in our range. All Maes & Hills bags are made of the best leather. It would be wise to take proper care of your leather bag. You can do so by regularly spraying it with an impregnating agent. If you use a special spray for leather and you spray your bag regularly, the leather will last much longer. It’s also good to not expose your bag to heat sources too much. Heat dehydrates leather, which doesn’t just look bad, but also makes the leather more vulnerable. Never place your bag close to a heater and keep it out of the sun as much as possible. If the leather of your bag is dehydrated, you can reinvigorate it with a special leather salve. When you’ve applied it to the material, it’s good to go!

Different types of leather bum bags

We believe it’s important that everyone can find the right bum bag in our online shop. That’s why we have a large range, not just of briefcases, travel bags and handbags, but also of leather bum bags. Whether you’re looking for a subtle leather bum bag for ladies or a flashy bag: you’ve come to the right place. You can browse our complete range of leather bum bags on this page. When you’ve found your favourite bag, you can simply order it online. We will make sure the bag is delivered to you as soon as possible. You’ll be able to use your leather bum bag soon for a weekend trip or holiday. A leather bum bag can be worn by women, but it also looks great on men. Maes & Hills doesn’t just sell leather bum bags for ladies, but also for men. But no matter if you buy a leather bum bag for ladies or a leather bum bag for men: your bag is always stylish, practical and high-quality.

Leather bum bags by the best brands

Maes & Hills only sells bags by top brands. Only brands that can design beautiful bags and then make them of the best leather are represented in our online shop. One of the brands that meet our high demands is the brand Marta Ponti. One of the items this brand produces are leather bum bags of an incredibly high quality, every one of them decorated with a beautiful design. The Portuguese brand Marta Ponti has been active for more than 50 years. The brand works with vegetable-tanned leather and believes it is important to give every bag refined details. Marta Ponti develops bags that suit the life of the modern woman and sells their bags for affordable prices. And because the brand launches a new collection every season, we regularly add new leather bum bags by Marta Ponti to our range. All bags by Marta Ponti are made of high-quality leather. As said before, high-quality leather is stylish, sturdy and incredibly durable. If you buy a leather bum bag by Marta Ponti at Maes & Hills, you can be sure that it’s money well spent. In this case, you’re buying a stylish and luxurious bag with which you can steal the show for years to come. Your leather bum bag of this renowned brand will stay good for years.

Buying your favourite leather bum bag

Do you want to buy a small, subtle and stylish leather bum bag? Then you’ve come to the right place at Maes & Hills. You can view our complete range of leather bum bags on this page. When you’ve found your favourite bum bag, you can simply order it online. After you’ve ordered your bag, we will make sure to deliver it as soon as possible. Before you know it you can take your practical and stylish leather bum bag everywhere.

Want to know more? Contact us

Do you want to know more about the leather bum bags of Maes & Hills? Feel free to contact us. You can also contact us if you have a question about a certain bag on this page. We know everything there is to know about the items we sell and we can answer all of your questions. After answering your questions, we can of course help you order your bag online as well. With our help you’ll have ordered your leather bum bag in no time.