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Bum bag

The bum bag or fanny pack has been in the fashion world since the early 90’s. In addition to functional use for a long walking or cycling trip, the bum bag is now the festival item. Men and women like to wear it, across the chest or just in the 'normal' way. From a timeless leather belt bag to sportier fabric belt bags, you can easily take all your essentials, such as a cell phone and money. Find your favourite here! A bum bag is available in different sizes, designs and materials, there is one for every purpose. Below we have listed a number of models for you. What kind of bum bag are you looking for?


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Trendy bum bags

What could be more convenient than a bum bag when you go out or when you go on vacation? This bag weighs nothing and you always have your hands free. The bag offers enough space for, for example, your wallet, sunglasses, change and your car keys. View the range of hip bags below on our website and easily order your favourite model online.

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The new must-have of this season are the hip bags, also known as the fanny pack! This model has been spotted a lot on the catwalk at large fashion houses. Models, bloggers and influencers are also fans of the bum bag festival. We understand why. With a fanny pack you have your hands free and you can still store your most important essentials, ideal for a festival for example. In addition, you are assured that you will look stylish. Styling tip: wear it as a crossbody or at the waist.

Looking for a womens bum bag or mens bum bag?

Are you going for a walk and would you like to take some small things with you, but don't feel like wearing a backpack? Then a bum bag is ideal. A bum bag can also be a solution for carrying a jacket, water and energy bar or your cell phone, money and keys during running, skating and skiing. In our range you will find hip bags in all shapes and sizes. Nicely preformed models with many different compartments, but also simple models with one main compartment. A bum bag is not only practical for vacation, the bag also comes in handy when you go hiking, mountain biking or rollerblading. In short, it is a bag that should not be missing in your bag collection. The bags are available in various colors, designs and sizes. You can easily attach any bum bag around the hip thanks to the adjustable strap.

Are you going for an Eastpak bum bag or a small bum bag?

A new trend we cannot ignore are the trendy festival bum bags. We spot these specimens everywhere. Especially the bloggers and influencers are fans of this handy trendy bag. A bum bag is practical, safe and ensures that you have your hands free. These features make a bum bag not only suitable for a festival but also for a day out, on holiday or for sporting activities such as hiking and mountain biking. You have your necessary items such as your phone, change and sunglasses securely and quickly at hand. The perfect accessory if you don't want to wear ballast on your back or shoulders. In addition, the bag is at the front of your body, so you have a good view on your belongings. Whether you wear the bum bag without a jacket in the summer or over a thick winter jacket in the winter, the adjustable hip belt makes it suitable for everyone's body size, it always fits!

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The bum bag makes its comeback in the bag market! These handy bags are back and can be seen everywhere in the festival scene. Where the bag was mainly used by tourists in the 90s, the bum bag is making name as a perfect bag for a festival. That is not surprising, because those who carry a bum bag have their hands free for other things. The bum bag is not only worn around the waist, but also on the hip or diagonally around the shoulders. Each bum bag naturally has an adjustable strap that can be adjusted to any desired length, so that the bag can be worn in all sorts of ways.

Festival bum bags

Festival hip bag: A bum bag is the perfect festival item. You have your hands free to hold your drink and dance while you have your valuables quickly at hand. In addition, a festival bum bag is the trendiest bag for a festival. All models, bloggers and influencers are spotted with these copies at every festival. In addition, you can make it as crazy as you want. From striking colors to glitter, it can't be crazy enough for a festival. Do you prefer leather bags? We also have leather bum bags in the collection. Take a look at our festival bum bags. We have listed the most popular brands for you below:

Eastpak bum bag

A bum bag is ideal to combine with different types of outfits. Think of a festival outfit or a sporty outfit, the possibilities are endless. For example, opt for a leather bum bag, for a vintage look. Finally, there are bum bags in basic colours such as a black bum bag and a grey one. An additional advantage: These bum bags actually fit with every outfit. Are you looking for a stylish and practical bum bag? Maybe the Eastpak Springer bum bag is something for you!

Fanny pack for women and fanny pack for men

Found your favourite bum bag? At Maes & Hills you are at the right place to buy your favorite bum bag online. Order this very easily online and we will ensure that the bum bag arrives at your home as quickly as possible. So, don't wait any longer and order your favourite bag quickly at! Do you have a question about your order? Feel free to send us an email!